Thursday, July 09, 2009

Swing and a miss

Last night I went to Midsummer Night's Swing with my friend Shalva. I also invited the sweet nephrologist (SN) who thinks I have great skin, and she thought she'd bring a guy friend (GF) I should meet. Shalva and I had a great time dancing to Chubby Checker -- I got my 10 minutes of exercise and then some -- but SN didn't show up.

When I got home my phone was ringing -- SN's GF. I just missed the call. Since I was tired, thirsty, and sweaty, I got undressed, had a drink, listened to my voicemail messages, updated my Facebook status -- Ayelet doesn't know which was cooler, watching Shalva learn to swing dance or watching the gay guy dance with the married guy -- and checked my email:

Hi Ayelet, I could not make it tonight -- but I am glad to see that you had a lot of fun. I gave G. your phone number. He went to Lincoln Center at about 9pm and texted me to ask if you were there. I said I'm sure and gave him your number. I hope he called you. His full name is GF. All the best, SN

Wow, news travels fast. Okay, so he called me. Good. I called him back and we started chatting.

"We should definitely go to this another night," he said.

"Too bad tomorrow's shiva-asar b'Tammuz, and Midsummer Night's Swing ends before the three weeks are over," I said.

"Before the what are over?" he asked.

I should have known that a guy who would call me right away could not possibly be orthodox.

Still, it was very sweet of SN to think of me.

Hey SN -- We've been chatting on the phone and I looked at his website. He seems like a very nice guy, but I don't think he's shomer shabbat. But thank you for giving him my phone #, he seems like a fun person to know :) Sorry you couldn't make it tonight, it was awesome!

She wrote back:

i just figured 2 Jewish people somewhat close in age and enjoy dancing both smart and attractive. okay, no worries will keep in mind.

Which is more than most people do for me:

It was very nice of u to think of me :) Also, I think he'll be fun to hang with -- so, much appreciated, Dr. Love ;)
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  1. My office-mate and life partner Sal was at Midsummer night's swing, too! Small world.

    Also - I think i might know RSX. We'll talk.