Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bon voyage

My computer access will probably be very limited on vacation, so I don't see myself blogging much. I hope you don't forget about me ;)

I also want some credit from you. Because a mutual friend posted pictures from Shimona's wedding on Facebook, and I had to work really hard not to post:

Wow. Almost as elegant as Christmas at Wal-Mart.
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. Great - so you didn't post that on facebook, but you posted it here.

  2. agreed: you know shimona reads this, so by posting it here you're just being incredibly stereotypically passive aggressive.

    and yet you want accolades from us? are you saying you're proud of yourself?


  3. Even if Shimona weren't a blissfully happy newlywed with much better things to do, I doubt she'd still be reading my blog.

  4. Don't you think that you ought to err on the possibility of her reading it?

    You'd have a hard time making a case for anything other than a passive aggressive swipe. And it's just as public. And not very necessary.

    I really hope that, when you get married, your friends are more supportive. You've managed to make me feel quite sorry for Shimona.

  5. If it's any comfort to those who think I've been too hard on Shimona, I was horribly and publicly humiliated while on the cruise, which I'll blog about after I stop crying and wanting to kill myself about it. You can call it karma.

  6. You seem to be functioning under the misapprehension that happiness is a zero-sum game.

  7. Guys, leave the girl alone. She suffers enough every day that she doesn't need such harsh criticism. And I can almost guarantee Shimona no longer reads the blog. That being said, Ayelet, they have a point. She ONCE read the blog, and b/c of it, or partly b/c of it, something happened to your relationship w/her. I highly recommend that you leave your friends who know you personally who also read your blog, out of the blog. I know I'd be pissed to read about myself, or know you still posted @ me @ me if our friendship would turn sour, hypothetically speaking, of course. Even using a different name, I'd feel my rights to privacy were violated, and I'd have every right to feel that way!!

    Also, I agree that you don't deserve credit for not posting @ pics from Shimona's wedding. You can tell me that personally, but it doesn't seem right doing publicly. I don't like the way you were criticized, not a total shonda, but I agree it's better not to. And i don't take any comfort in your pain from the cruise. I only feel the pain myself.