Monday, August 10, 2009

Mazal tov, Shimona

Ayelet, I lost my checkbook, which is causing me grief to no end, given that much of my life is linked to my checking account. Hence, I have not been able to write checks to anyone. If the $9.19 is causing you great financial strain, then I will go to the post office and pay for a money order. That said, you work full time, and have an apartment in Manhattan - I don't think that $9.19 should be causing you enough financial hardship for the venom you are spewing on your blog.

Quit it already with the schlepping of the chocolate... this is starting to get on my nerves. You didn't schlep a damn thing- it's a Small box of chocolate that sat in your bag, which you purchased for me when you were just hanging out in the airport during your layover. You make it sound like you traveled to the ends of the earth to get the chocolate, and then had to struggle under the burden of tons of chocolate. I know how big the box is, for heaven's sake. It's not that big.

I am sorry that you can't muster together any happiness for me, even to pretend that you are. But I don't need to be on the receiving end of your vitriol either. It's getting old. Are we only able to be friends if we're both "equal" meaning both single? Let me know how you see the parameters of our friendship working out, because right now I see nothing. If you're trying to sever our friendship, you're doing a damn good job.

This is what Shimona sent to me after I posted that I was still struggling with my envy and anger. I had a hard time not responding:

You're right, Shimona. $9.19 is nothing between friends. I'll just tell Alona and Adir to keep it and not worry about paying me back. That will also save you a trip into the city.

It's no wonder you work in research, as your validation skills are entirely lacking. I admit that my anger is irrational and I have the decency to be ashamed of it. Please feel free to stop reading my blog, as I have no need for friends who are hypocrites.

I didn't send it, and she invited me to her engagement party as if nothing had happened. I didn't respond, and that seems to have been that. Now she's married. I shouldn't be annoyed that Alona is going to her sheva brachot tonight. I have no right to be annoyed.

I'm annoyed. But I need to get over it. I don't need Shimona's friendship -- clearly she's gone straight from miserable singlehood to Smug Married -- but I need to get over it. After all, it's just a couple of nasty emails. No blood was shed. I can't keep harboring this resentment. I just don't know how to let it go.

Went to the MTA lost property office. They found a gold watch, obviously not mine. I'll keep checking.
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  1. I want to start by validating your feelings. The exchange you had with Shimona was painful and tense, and never really resolved, so it's still there.

    On the other hand, saying "clearly she's gone straight from miserable singlehood to Smug Married," isn't helping, either. You're judging, and that's counterproductive. You haven't been in touch in a while. You don't know that she's now a smug married. Especially when she's not even married a week.

    If you want to try to clear the air, you can send her a generic mazel tov. If not, leave it alone.

  2. Can I get some chocolate? I really appreciate fine chocolate. I'd even be willing to invite your anger and resentment as long as I get some chocolate out of the deal. I would hope that we could still be friends afterward, but if not, well, that's the price of some good chocolate sometimes. What can you do?

  3. Actually, I think Cadbury chocolate is pretty disgusting, but next time I'm in London, I can get you some.

  4. Cadbury is the poor man's Godiva.