Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The return of Yingerman

Back in June I thought I scared off a guy 9 years my junior, Yingerman, who lives in Germany. A few days ago, I signed into Skype for the first time in months, and he contacted me.

Yingerman: how was your summer?
Ayelet: awesome, I went to Alaska
Y: how was it??
A: unbelievably beautiful, I want to go back
Y: so when will we see each other?


A: I thought you lost interest in me after I unfriended you on Facebook
Y: of course not, silly

Well, I haven't heard from him since June... then again, I haven't Skyped since June, either. But he had my email address.

Y: so add me again
A: I tried, you didn't respond
Y: try again, I am a bit difficult maybe
A: so am I -- high-maintenance


Y: well, that's good
A: no, I should be more easygoing
Y: I think it's good
A: my life would be easier if I were more easygoing
Y: maybe, but everyone has certain limits and things he/she will need in a relationship

We talked about a few of our specific needs; I'll spare you the details.

Y: I tend to do well with everyone who is well-educated and open-minded
A: two master's degrees... but u have no idea how difficult I can be -- very volatile, emotional, moody

Obviously he doesn't scare easily, so I might as well be honest. What have I got to lose?

Y: so you're officially a woman
A: ha ha... seriously, I'm more difficult than the average woman -- I'm very moody, insecure, and I have a temper.
Y: well, we would need to meet
A: so when u coming to NYC?
Y: after the high holidays... I will let you know
so what kind of men do u like?
A: men who are strong, who don't always give in to me but don't try to dominate or control me
Y: okay
A: what kind of women do you like?
Y: hmm I love sophisticated women who know what they want, truthful, kind, and loving
not with psychological problems


A: what kind of psychological problems?
Y: I can't handle borderlines, or women who cut themselves -- I want someone stable, normal, with a sexy attitude... I want a family, too, NO PLAYING

Well, I don't cut myself.

Y: what shall I do?
A: come to NYC and fall in love with me ;)
Y: I would love to, I will need to check the dates
A: you could fly me to Berlin, I've never been there -- I could take vacation in November
Y: November would be great, I have some days off

I'll keep you posted. I haven't heard anything from SOS in a while, although I friended him on Facebook, too.
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. Oh! I'll be curious to read what will happen next with Yingerman...
    And if you have a chance, you really should visit Berlin. It's great there!

  2. I will keep everyone posted. Where in Germany do you live, Kathrin? It would be amazing to meet you if I go visit Yingerman!

  3. I live in Frankfurt/Main, Ayelet. And if you visit Germany, please let me know! I agree, it would be amazing to meet up :-)

  4. Good luck, hon! Don't explicate every detail of your personal issues on or before the first date. You're honest, which is great, but you're also self-sabotaging a teensy bit, which isn't.

    Have fun, and who knows? :)


  5. True, S. I will hold off on showing Yingerman the blog ;)