Wednesday, September 09, 2009

SOS resurfaces

Got an IM from SOS on Facebook this evening:

SOS: love that photo! i guess the bear wasn't all that hungry. :-)

One of my Alaska pictures has me posing next to a stuffed brown bear.

Ayelet: lol, he was a big teddy bear ;) how r u?
SOS: headed to the Poconos (near Scranton, PA) tom'w, for 3 days with my dad & step-mom

He assumes I'm American and don't know geography. But I don't get defensive.

A: nice!
SOS: as it turns out, that's my 3rd wkend in a row out-of-town... lots of excitement for a nerd like me! ;-)

Don't know why he calls himself a nerd; he's a marketing analyst, not an engineer, like a few blog readers I know.

A: contain urself ;)
SOS: was it tough returning to work after all that time in Alaska?
A: yes and no... I was VERY jet-lagged, so I was a little cranky, but I was definitely refreshed
SOS: awesome -- i'm so glad u had a relaxing trip!
my blessing to u: u won't go on ur next cool vacation alone!


A: AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank u
and likewise
next time u go to the Poconos... ;)
SOS: (I love the Poconos, but concede that Alaska may come out on top on the "coolness" scale) :-)
A: "may"? I went to the Poconos to visit my niece in camp -- they're nice, but they are NOT Alaska
SOS: OK, girl -- just rub it in! ;-)
A: lol, I would so go back to Alaska -- same cruise, same boat, different excursions; now I know how to do it right
SOS: cool... b/t/w, how's the wkend of 10/17-10/18 sound, for our (long-awaited) first date? i know it's a long way off, but that's the first wkend after Yomim Tovim

Yay! We're finally making plans for our first date!

A: sounds great; I can definitely book you, because so far it's open
SOS: OK, and i get precedence over any dude who tries to squeeze on your calendar that weekend, 'cause i have plane tix! :-)

Sounds like SOS is a little jealous... or just dropped some serious cash on airfare.

A: rofl, definitely -- where r u going to stay?
SOS: what's "rofl"?
A: rolling on the floor laughing
SOS: very cute -- kinda like LMAO
staying by my mom -- she's an 8-minute cabride from LGA airport.
A: so I'll see u Sat night
and Sunday
that is, if we have a good time Saturday night

Loooooooooooooooooong pause. Uh-oh. Did I mess this up already?

SOS: in other words, if i'm lucky, right? ;-)
have a great evening!

Guess not.

A: rofl, u2
SOS: b/t/w, it's nice to know i can have that effect on an intelligent, accomplished, attractive Jewish woman -- and from 500 miles away, no less!

Sigh. He likes me!

A: we aim to please... ciao

I saw that Jurassic Vassilievitch was online, so I IMed him:

A: are you open to being set up?

I have this high school/FB friend, Carol. I wasn't friends with her in high school, but we friended each other on FB and somehow we really clicked. I davened for her mother, who was having surgery, and she loves my status updates, so now she's a big Ayelet fan. She's never mentioned having a husband or kids, so I assumed she was single. She's very pretty, smart, and fun, and now that JV's hair has joined the 21st century, I thought they should meet.

JV: That depends on who I am being set up with. :-)
A: a high school FB friend of mine who is really pretty and really nice and one year older than I am
JV: where does she live?
A: my hometown, but I can ask if she'd move -- obviously she would have to, and she has a brother and sister here, so she might be open to it
JV: Hmmm...I'm trying to think about the dating logistics of this.

Logistics? How romantic. Not.

A: k
JV: I'm not "being an engineer". I'm merely thinking one move ahead: chances are that I can carry on a phone conversation, and I assume that so can she. In that case, the next step would be meeting, and that will be difficult for the next month given the holiday schedule, and my kids' schedule.
A: u can talk on the phone a few times
she's in my hometown, not Uzbekhistan
are you willing to have more kids?

He has two. Very cute.

JV: Really. Your hometown is NOT in Uzbekistan?
A: if it were, I could speak Russian to you
JV: Yes, I would be willing to have more kids.
A: ok, I just sent her this:

I don't even know if you're single, but I have a good friend who is a GREAT catch, and I've been making him over so he looks pretty good. He is incredibly nice, smart, considerate, and easygoing. He is divorced with 2 very cute sons, and is totally open to having more kids. He is the nicest Jewish guy around. Interested?

JV: For future reference: how am I supposed to live up to that?
A: once you have the new glasses, you should be fine
JV: rofl, is that all that it takes? I wish that someone had clued me in earlier.
A: better late than never

Now I can't wait to take him glasses shopping. My friend Shalva knows a really great, really cheap place in Boro Park. I don't need glasses, but I'm starting to look at people's glasses on the subway and at work, to get an idea about what JV needs. Since he obviously has no clue.

JV: I suppose. In that case, let me ask you the same question (not that my record as a matchmaker is that great).

That's nice of him! But wait -- Carol wrote me back.

Carol: omg how cute are you thinking of me if only i wasnt married shucks darn shucks darn


A: ack -- had no idea! but glad to hear it! :)

Oh well. Back to JV.

A: damn, she's married
JV: Well that clears up that matter.
The guy is someone that I work with. He lives on W72nd St. There is one catch--I'm not sure how old he is, but I would estimate that he's about 10 years older than we are. As far as I know he has never been married, and from what I know/can tell he is liberal MO.
He is kind of quiet, not sure how he is as a conversationalist. OTOH, he is very even-tempered, and seems like he is a mentsch.
A: I'm good at opening up quiet guys
JV: Are you now?

JV was never this flirtatious in college. That haircut is doing wonders for him.

A: find out how old he is
JV: OK. For my reference, what is your cutoff?
A: 46 -- read in an article today that couples with an age difference of 9 or more years are more likely to divorce
JV: I'll ask him, but I'm guessing that he's over 46.
And you were making fun of me of "being an engineer"?! I was thinking one move ahead, you're at least 6 or 7.
A: I'm not expected to be consistent.
JV: Of course, a woman's prerogative.


A: who got you a better haircut? not your MALE friends
JV: What does that have to do with anything? And my male friends wouldn't dream of taking me to get a haircut.
OTOH, you and Kayla were having way to much fun at my expense. I was tempted to write something about 1 woman having fun at my expense is one thing, but 2 is one too many. But I was tired, so I just went to sleep.

Kayla is a mutual friend from college. She had some slightly snarky comments on the photos of JV's magical transformation.

A: way too much? I thought it was an appropriate amount
JV: You do know the difference between tragedy and comedy, right?
A: one ends in death, the other in marriage
JV: I was also surprised that my sister didn't join in the festivities.
No, the one that I was thinking of was: comedy is when someone else slips on the banana peel, and tragedy is when you slip on one.
A: I was thinking of the Shakespearean definition
I guess ur sister has a life ;)
JV: Not being an English Lit major, my reference points are different.
Although my sister thankfully does have a life, she still relishes a chance to get in a few.
A: I guess I should friend her and send her the album
JV: Oh, you didn't send her the album? That would explain it.

Well, now I have to.

A: done
JV: I'll probably see her on Sunday, so she'll have to give her commentary in person.

All in a night's work... JV's sister emailed me:

JVS: I'm so proud of you!!!!! How did you do it? Thank you so much for sending these to me!
A: I told him he needed a new haircut, told him how to make an appointment through Lifebooker, escorted him to the salon, looked at pictures with him, talked to the stylist, and voila! Tell him he looks great but needs new glasses on Sunday :)
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. Ayelet, Scranton is at the southwest corner of the Poconos. Sounds to me like he wasn't telling you where the Poconos are, but rather where in the Poconos he was going. Perfectly reasonable.

  2. Fun one! You're sounding more and more positive and positively energized all the time! GO Ayelet!


  3. the 9 year difference = more divorce thing is more true for people who marry in their 20s than people who marry in their 30s/40s. Don't base your dating decisions off some journalist's interpretation of research. :)

    good luck! :)

  4. AE, I just realized that I am 9.3 years older than Yingerman... hmmm... he is in his 20s, I am in my 30s/almost 40s...

    S., yes, I'm definitely over that jet lag/Charming Cad ;)

  5. Go back to Israel ;)

    Hey! I thought that was only for bad puns! :-)

  6. DYS, I reserve the right to wield that phrase when I deem it necessary ;)