Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ayelet sees a rat

For once, it wasn't sitting across from me at Darna. It was a gray sewer rat in my kitchen. Last night I thought I heard things running around and knocking stuff over, but I hoped it was a restless upstairs neighbor. Today, I saw the actual rat, climbing the wall like a squirrel.

The exterminator is coming tomorrow, but how am I going to sleep tonight? With the lights on.

Times like these I really feel single. I'd call JV, but he's got his children tonight.
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  1. You'll be ok. Stay with a friend if you're that freaked out?


  2. I had one too! On Sukkot. And I also slept with the light on + locked the door to my bedroom. And threw away a ton of food. YUK.

  3. Our cat cornered a mouse at our house yesterday morning. Must say, cute mouse. But glad it is back outside where it belongs.

  4. Trust me, TO, these rats ain't cute. I'm couch-surfing until my landlord does something about the problem.

  5. Oh, I know. Used to ride the NYC subways.