Thursday, October 01, 2009

"Have you not read about yourself on my blog?"

I got an email on Facebook from "Bruce Wayne" -- one of the freaks I dated in common with my ex-friend Shimona.

BW: Question: Do u know my cousin: eye of the survivor?

What the -- ?

A: I don't understand your question. Is there someone who blogs as "eye of the survivor"?

BW: Is ur last name really survivor?

Who would even ask such a question?

A: no, it's a pseudonym

I.e., "Duh." Let's see if he knows what that means.

BW: Like ur profile pic?

Technically, no. A pseudonym is a pen name. My profile pic is Frida Kahlo's self-portrait. But I suppose it could be considered analogous.

A: yes, it's a disguise

BW: I can tell

Because you're so smart.

A: it's pretty obvious

BW: Any reason for the secrecy?

Um, yeah.

A: have you read my blog?

Including the post about you?

BW: No. Never heard of it. I don't read blogs

A: I created this identity to promote my blog.

Not a word since. Once again -- small world.
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