Friday, October 02, 2009

I think I made the right call

I recently saw that the following person had viewed my Frumster profile and sent me an email saying his photo was under review:

49, Male
Divorced with a get, with more than one child
Shomer Mitzvot

Grew up in: NEW YORK
Consider relocation? Maybe
Wishing to make aliyah to Israel? Maybe
Jewish Education: reading
Secular Education: Law degree
Languages Spoken: English, Yiddish
Political Beliefs: right wing

About me...I'm a 49 years young man. Baal Tshuva for 10 years. Recentlly divorced (second time). have 3 children ages 25 (married) 4 and 2.5.Born in former USSR, came to the states in Oct. of 1978. Running my own business. Still fighting for the custody of my two little girls (physical custody. TOTALLY REFUSE TO GO BACK TO MY OLD LIFE STYLE LIKE MY X BETTER HALF.

I'm looking for G-d fearing, caring, honest, good sense of humor, good with kids, generous, open, giving, not overweight professional woman.. NOT A JAP! 35-45 years of age, although, I'm flexible in that respect...meaning, she could be my age.SHOLOM BIAS IMPORTANT TO ME THE MOST!

Twice divorced -- and not amicably the second time, apparently. Thinks he's flexible because he's willing to date women his own age. Ten years my senior. (I hate it when people refer to themselves as "x years young" rather than "x years old." It's beyond corny.)

I think I'm going to pass. I'll look at his photo, but I think I'm going to pass.
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  1. Gross. Vomit. Gross.

    I bet his photo is going to be barred from being published for the public welfare.



  2. Also "years young" is a vomitacious pet peeve. Excuse me while I hurl.


  3. Reporter once interviewed a 99 year old man. The reporter said, "Don't you mean years young?" The old man answered the reporter an expression I can't repeat. :)

  4. so many critical comments, i think criticism flu is epidemic. Check your smile count :) don't be a hater, third time is a charm. Right call - ha! Wrong call - ha ha! Program on autopilot - yup. Real driver where? In a world of pain. Readership - codependancy relationship, colaborate to berate other - damages heart.

  5. I would be more concerned about twice divorced than a description of yrs young.

  6. Good call! Don't go near this one.

  7. Definitely the right call. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that the odd profile is an aberration and he's really a great guy. Even in that case, he's still mired in a nasty custody dispute. You don't need that right now.

    What is "sholom bias"? I wonder if he spelled in "bayis" or "bais" and let spell check correct it for him. Speaking of pet peeves - people who assume that the all-mighty spell check will make their document perfect and don't bother to double check.

  8. First of all, Aaron is trippin. I would like two helpings of whatever he's on.

    Second, stay away from this dude. He's projecting his rage in all caps, and his youngest is only 2.5 years old. Not healthy or ready for prime time, this guy.

  9. Hi Carmen!

  10. He's probably on an FBI list out there somewhere.