Friday, October 30, 2009

It's a VERY small dating world

Got an email from my friend Shalva:

Whatya know about SOS? Don't tell him I asked. Do you know his ex from Montreal and if he's a mench?

Small dating world. Aviva went out with him too. And talked about him at the dinner she and Shalva co-hosted last month. I wrote back:

So you're the other social worker he met... He and I were set up back in like July. Because of my Alaska cruise and his travel plans, we couldn't meet until after the chagim. I met someone else, he met you, and we never actually went out. (We were supposed to on Oct. 24, which is why he bought plane tix, but then he used them to see you instead.)

He seems like a mensh, but I never met him in person. Aviva did, she went out with him once. I don't know his ex. He's very smart and funny on the phone and email.

I left it at that. Whatever happens with JV, I guess I'm definitely never going out with SOS.
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  1. Never say never. Though I hope the reason for never is that things work out with JV. Would you have ever believed that the guy you knew 20 years ago would be your boyfriend now?

  2. Good. Leave him in the "missed" category.

    BTW just keep in mind you and JV have some silent cheerleaders... :)


  3. Thanks for cheerleading silently, S. Is that the same as praying? ;)

    TO, I never in a million years would have thought I'd ever get back together with JV, or that I'd like him more than he likes me (that's the current status, subject to change). I'm kind of kicking myself for taking 20 damn years to realize what an amazing person he is. But if I'd married him right after college, I probably wouldn't be a social worker.