Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Apparently it IS still karaoke even if you don't make out with a 20something

ET threw another karaoke night to celebrate finishing the NY marathon. Joining him were the 24-year-old who thought I was younger than ET, along with sundry other men many years my junior. And I did not make out with any of them, because I have a boyfriend and he would be upset if I did.

It actually wasn't too difficult to comply. The 24yo is now interested in another girl. The insanely hot RSX didn't show. And the guys who hit on me were 31 and 33, nice enough but neither young nor hot enough to really stoke my ego and tempt me to pucker up.

It was fun they assumed I was about 27. The 31-year-old asked where I go to shul.

"OZ?" he guessed.

"Guilty as charged," I said. "Where do you go?"

"Shaarei Tzedek," 31yo answered.

"Oh, that's where my boyfriend goes -- I mean, where he went when he lived on the West Side," I said. "Now he lives in Jersey."

"That answers that," he said. "So it's a long-distance relationship?"

"Not really," I laughed. "He's close enough."

"Why isn't he here?" 31yo asked.

"Working," I said. "He did tell me I'm not allowed to make out with anyone tonight. That's how I usually operate at karaoke."

"My bad luck this is my first time karaok'ing with this crowd," 31yo said ruefully. "Are you two serious?"

"I think so," I said. "We actually dated back in college, and broke up, and then reconnected on Facebook and got back together."

31yo asked where I went to college and said his older brother must have gone there "before your time." His brother graduated two years after I did. That was nice.

Less nice was when the 33-year-old had four beers and started getting handsy while dancing with me. I had to say, "No, no, sorry, I have a boyfriend!" 33yo bounces back pretty quick, though, because I saw him getting handsy with a few other girls.

I woke up this morning stiff and achy from dancing. I figure I got in my 15 minutes of daily exercise, but I feel like I've been steamrollered. I definitely need a new chair at work.
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  1. Dancing=good. Making out=good. Molesty octopus-"handsy"=not good.

    Sounds like you had fun! :)