Thursday, November 12, 2009

How much peppermint oil is too much?

Peppermint oil is a home remedy for rat and mouse infestation. Geranium oil is supposed to drive away bugs as well as rats. So I've been sprinkling them around the apartment where I know the rodents congregate, and diffusing them. Thus far effectively -- I didn't see or hear anything last night. But today I've been in kind of a fog, and I'm wondering if I inhaled too much essential oil.

Guadalupe (seriously, who names a boy Guadalupe?) told me the landlady wasn't having their exterminators find and seal the rat holes; they just put down poison and traps. That's clearly inadequate. The lawyer I met with suggested I have an exterminator give me an estimate of what it would cost to seal off my apartment from vermin and send my landlord a copy of the invoice, notifying them that it will come out of the rent. I'm also pro-rating the next rent check to reflect the 10 days I've been forced to sleep elsewhere.

There's a newly renovated apartment right above mine that the landlady is trying to talk me into -- but it's $600 more per month than my apartment. Also, if there are rats in my apartment, they might be elsewhere in the building. I haven't heard anything from the Department of Health or Housing Preservation about those complaints I filed. I guess I'll call them tomorrow.

All of this should have me much more stressed out than I am. It's nice having a boyfriend.
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  1. Would anybody name a girl Guadalupe?

  2. I actually like the name Guadalupe!
    Glad you have found a solution to your rat woes. Re your landlord: clearly she was penny wise pound foolish : )

    I am especially glad you are able to put this all in perspective!