Sunday, November 15, 2009

What wakes you up faster than a cup of coffee or a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart?

You'll never guess, so I'll tell you: A dead rat under your kitchen sink.

After I finished screaming, I slammed the cabinet door shut and called the super. Not home. And the landlady. No answer. And my boyfriend, who was home with a sick child. And 311, which said they couldn't do anything. (Big surprise.) By that time, though, the super had gotten my message and texted the landlady, who called to say she was sending someone to dispose of the vermin.

I took some really disgusting pictures of the dead beast, along with pictures of rat droppings in various places and the holes they chewed in my screens. And the crumbling ceiling and peeling paint in my bathroom, for when I file my complaint against my damn slumlord. After the rat was taken away I poured an entire bottle of Pine-Sol under the sink, but I'm afraid to clean down there. I did some more cleaning in the living area of the apartment, but I'm staying out of the kitchen as much as possible.

I also spoke to a few people in the building. They've seen mice but not rats. Now they're kind of freaked out. Unfortunate, but what can I do?
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  1. Just put on some nice thick rubber gloves, put on a face-mask if it makes you feel better, and in fact put a garbage bag on over your clothes if it makes you feel more impervious. Then clean it up, or you'll just feel sicker about it.


  2. They must be using rat poison.

    Look at it this way, if it had died in some inaccessible place where it would nnot be disposed of, it would have begun to decompose and in a day of so it would really be stinking the place up.

  3. At least the rat was dead?

    Just kidding; that's really disgusting. I'm sorry that you're having vermin issues.

  4. Spiritual Landlord11/16/2009 8:52 AM

    Rat under a cupboard, as long as no one smells or sees it is ok? Nope. Is a problem that we are ignoring still there? Yup. There is still a rat under your cupboard. The rat you found is just a symbol of an aspect of your relationship with JV. There's a major problem that you are ignoring. But its still there.

  5. Trust me, spiritual landlord, we're not ignoring the issue. We had a long talk about it last night. And it won't ever go away. He is never going to be anywhere near orthodox; he doesn't think it's an authentic expression of Judaism. And he's not comfortable to let me "do my own thing" while he does his, because that's no way to raise children.

    He can't even say whether he loves me at this point, because his feelings are more confused than mine. He can't be sure what's a holdover from the past and what he's feeling right now. But he knows we don't have a lot of time, and he doesn't want to waste my time.

    This isn't a rat under the sink, or an elephant in the living room. It's front and center, and we don't know what to do about it.

  6. I'm curious as to what he feels is an "authentic expression of Judaism"

  7. JV prioritizes hilchot bein adam l'adam over hilchot bein adam l'makom.

  8. Not rushin' into things11/16/2009 6:46 PM

    Yes, I guess you're right about the kids. It would be a shame to raise them with parents that respect each other's differences and still love each other. Much better to have a marriage where the husband convinces the wife what to think. Tells her what to eat. Requires her to have an egalitarian wedding. And once you're married and he really owns you, what other things is he going to start requiring you to do his way? I like his version of hilchot bein adam l'adam. These are the rules I want you to follow.

  9. The Torah makes it clear that they are equally important. I would argue that to prioritize "bein adam l'chavero" is an equally imbalanced interpretation of Judaism as prioritizing "bein adam l'makom." They both are necessary for "authentic" Judaism.