Friday, December 04, 2009

My nice nieces

(I am officially taking a break from blogging about JV. This does not mean I'll stop overanalyzing the relationship; that would take an act of Gd. But I'm going to try to take Dr. R's advice and stop "working" on the relationship. I'll let it happen and see what happens, and try to stay in the moment.)

My nieces don't like directly expressing criticism or disapproval of me, even when something is bothering them. Instead, they outsource it to Jerusha, who has no such compunctions.

Over Thanksgiving, Shira insisted on having me sleep in her bed on Thursday, even though last time I did, my snoring kept her awake. History repeated itself, so she had Jerusha rouse me and transfer me to Malka's room.

But I wasn't safe from Malka either. "Malka isn't comfortable with your cleavage," Jerusha said Saturday morning at breakfast. "Please put a t-shirt on under that dress." I complied, begrudgingly. When I wear the dress to work I pair it with a t-shirt, but I figured it was fine for at home with Jerusha, Malka, Shira, Oedipus, Yaffa, Yonina, and my mother and aunt. Apparently not.

My mother does not share my nieces' compunctions. "That's a cute nightie," she said Friday morning when I came down to breakfast.

"It's a dress," I said.

"Oh," she said. A whole bunch of disapproval in one little syllable. I didn't change, though. I pack light when I go to Jerusha's, and my options were limited.
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  1. Ouch. Awkward.

    Probably good to take it easy and not work so hard... I agree with Dr. R...


  2. Malkie Lundner12/04/2009 4:07 PM

    Interesting family. When I was young, nobody at home was allowed to use the word "cleavage."

  3. Malka, that's the understatement of the year ;) But I'm pretty sure "cleavage" was Jerusha's choice of words. Malka used to say things like, "Aunt Ayelet, do you wear that dress to work? Because it's very low in the front." I'm not sure why she stopped the direct admonishments. I'd be kind of annoyed if it weren't so darn cute.