Monday, January 18, 2010

Я люблю Бaбyшka

That means "I love Grandma." Referring to JV's grandmother, who apparently gave him some advice on how to treat me. It basically boiled down to two things:
  • Give her compliments
  • Treat her with tenderness
So I love Babushka. Smart woman. "How did she know you never give me compliments?" I asked him.

"She knows me," JV responded dryly. "Have I said you look nice today?"

"I don't think you have since college," I said.

JV's mother asked JV why I broke up with him 20 years ago. Mercifully, he didn't state the obvious -- that I was an idiot -- but just said we were too young to know what we wanted. Or rather, that I was too young to know what I wanted, even though he's younger than I am.

JV's mother also told him that through her time-share, which is somewhere in Florida, she can get a good deal on cruises. "So sometime this summer, it would be my parents, Svetlana and Grigori, and you and me."

"Cool," I said. "I like your parents."

"We don't have to go with them," JV added hastily. "I think the deal is good whether we go alone or with them."

"Either way is fine," I said. "I like cruises." And I like knowing he thinks I'll be a part of his next summer.
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. Nice.

    BTW, to be grammatically it should be

    Я люблю Бaбyшky.

  2. you're right, KWG -- my Russian is basically self-taught and very weak ;)

  3. Sounds great that babushka likes you and is giving your friend pointers to keep you feeling good about yourself and a possible cruise down the line. Sounds like a plan.

  4. Sounds great! Glad you have the option of going just w/JV. Much better than hanging w/the folks, however nice they are : )

  5. Very Nice. Every women deserves to be treated nice by her man.

  6. lucky girl! Love you and bless you