Saturday, January 30, 2010

He wants me to learn how to ski

I called JV yesterday on his way back from Vermont, just to let him know I'd had BPMS and to disregard 99% of what I'd said. "Okay," he said, sounding distracted; his kids were in the back clamoring for something in Russian. I let him go.

Tonight we chatted again. "I thought of something I could do if we were up in Vermont together," I told him.

"So did I," he said. "What's your idea?"

"I could bake," I said. "I never have the time or inclination to bake here. Then when you and the kids got back at the end of the day, there would be fresh bread or cookies waiting for you, hot from the oven."

"I was thinking you could take a lesson," he said. "The instructors up there are amazing. I think you'd really enjoy skiing if you tried it."

Most of me is convinced I won't, and I'm scared of wrenching my back or further pulverizing my knees. But if I do end up going on a ski vacation with JV, I will take a lesson. Because he wants me to be there and to be part of the fun.
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  1. Funny how for every conflict his solution is that you should change.

  2. skiing is fun! if it's too scary you can stick to the bunny slopes...but it's very exhilarating once you get the hang of it.

  3. Interesting point, Anonymous... but in this case, I think JV's just trying to show me that he does believe I belong in his life. Remember, I called him wailing that the subtext of his conversation indicated he didn't see me in his life long-term.

    Also, it's good to try new things, and sometimes it's good to be pushed a little to do something you should do anyway, like lowering your cholesterol.

  4. It is good to try new things.

    But you are allowing yourself to be changed, instead of pro-actively changing yourself.

    That's something for you to think about.


  5. I love S!!!
    Seriously, see how you feel when you get up to Vermont. If you feel like skiing, ski. If making bread makes you happy, do that! Just enjoy and be happy : )
    Remember the Christine Lavin song "Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind"?

  6. He's definitely not going to make me eat sushi. But I don't see the harm in taking a ski lesson. We're probably going to go up with Dima and his wife, who is a chiropractor. If I subluxate anything, hopefully she can pop it back into place.

  7. Bunny slopes! Slow, steady practice. Form a wedge with your skis and shift your weight subtly to steer. Break for hot chocolate whenever you feel like it. It's not about being pressured to change; it's about having fun together. And in most cases, the instructors are cute guys, so bonus.