Monday, January 04, 2010

My dinner with Svetlana

I don't know what I was expecting from the dinner party. I wasn't expecting JV's sister, Svetlana, to be wearing jeans. I really should get myself a few pairs that fit, since apparently everyone I now associate with wears them on every occasion.

I was wearing a nice red dress. "Great color, Ayelet!" said Svetlana, hugging me at the door. "My boyfriend, Grigori, says that this is the Chinese year of the tiger."

"Your boyfriend has color preferences?" I thought but judiciously did not say. I'd asked JV what color he wanted me to wear to the party, but he'd had an enervating day and wasn't up to dictating anything, least of all my fashion choices.

Svetlana introduced me to her friends -- also wearing jeans -- two of whom were seated at the table texting into their BlackBerries. Which they kept with them at the table for the entire meal. Sometimes they'd break off in the middle of a conversation to attend to a new message. I thought this was a bit impolite -- if you ask me how JV and I met, then listen to the story; if you're not interested, don't ask!

But hey, they're not my friends, they're not my clients, and I was hopefully winning some points from JV by agreeing to spend New Year's with his sister.

When the ball dropped, I actually considered not kissing JV. Because the single girls were there, and I know what it feels like to be that blatantly single in a world full of cuddling couples. But then one of them got another text, and I decided that a single woman with a BlackBerry is marginally less single than one without.
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  1. It's interesting how your outlook has improved and you sound so much happier since you reunited with your friend JV.

  2. Love is something I've always wanted and never really had. I had it from JV in college but didn't appreciate it. Now I have it for him. Not sure what he has for me -- I think he's holding back until his kids officially meet me. And until I can reassure him that marrying a person with bipolar disorder isn't a disastrous choice.

  3. Glad all continues to go well with JV!

    As far as your comments on jeans: you should only wear what makes you feel attractive. Every time I put jeans on I feel squat and dumpy. Make your own style!

    Re Blackberries: people are so exceptionally rude with those things. My ex-boss used to glance at it every few minutes during meetings. How very self important. Yuuuck.

    Happy 2010 to you, Ayelet! Hope the year brings you much happiness.

  4. Well, one of Svetlana's friends is a reality TV show director, so obviously she's VERY important! I guess I just felt overdressed and old, although when I told them my age they seemed pretty shocked (or they're pretty good actors).

    Happy 2010 to you and the family!

  5. HOW RUDE @ the Crackberries.

    Wear your red dress, girl... rock it! Don't let others push you to change your style. You know when you look good, so don't worry about anyone else except just feeling great.

    It's nice that you had that sympathetic thought about us singletons. However, I agree that since they were obssessively pushing the morphine drip... I mean.. Blackberry.. not your job to worry about their feelings.

    You sound good. But don't let others make you insecure, about the way you dress or anything else. Be strong within yourself and the rest will follow.


  6. At 8 yrs i decided i wanted to ride a bull in a rodeo. Bull riding is very painful. I trained, and came the rodeo got on that bulls back the shoot opened and that bull just went nuts. First he wildly threw me then he turned and kicked me hard. I did not win. All the other boys in the rodeo were in their teens. My father and oldest brother gave me a plaque which said 'its not the size of the man in the fight, but the size of the fight in the man.'

    This story applies to you too. Once married then comes the hard work of staying married. And after a year or so perhaps 2 when the newness of the relationship wears off, then it hits cause its a wall that all couples encounter. If your man is not focused upon children and the obligation to raise these children as bnai brit, run don't walk b/c your setting yourself up for a major set of problems in the future.

  7. Moshe, JV is very focused on raising his children -- present and future -- as Jews.