Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Purim, Pesach, and JV's birthday

I thought it would be romantic for JV to pick me up from work last night. Unfortunately, reality intervened: traffic snarled, and I ended up taking the subway to meet him halfway.

"What are we doing for Purim?" I asked him. I have a costume; Miriam and I went shopping the day after Halloween and I bought a blond Marilyn Monroe wig and a white "Seven-Year Itch" halter dress. I'll wear it with big pink CZ earrings and a pink tourmaline ring my aunt gave me. Not really diamonds, but I don't have any of those.

"I have the kids that evening," said JV. "I guess we'll all go to shul."

"Do you have a costume?" I asked. If I'm getting dressed up, he'd better, too.

"I have a pope costume," JV said. "I got it a few years ago for a Halloween party at work. I have to get something for the kids."

Percolating in my head was another idea, which I haven't yet shared with him. I want us to make shaloch manot, and hand them out at shul with his kids. But what kind of card would we include?
Purim Sameach
From JV, Ayelet,
Malchick 1 & Malchick 2

Not sure if that's too much.

"We also have to talk about Pesach," I said.

"I'm having the sedarim here, with my family," said JV. "I have the kids this year. After the seders, I thought I'd take the kids to Florida."

"What part of that do you want me around for?" I asked.

"What part do you want to be around for?" asked JV.

"I asked you first," I said. JV gave me a look. We didn't resolve anything. Jerusha also has her kids for Pesach, so my mother wants me to go there; she is, and Yaffa might. I'm not sure. I think I'll see how Purim goes.

And JV's birthday is coming up. What should I get him? I got him a pepper grinder for Chanuka, because he didn't have one. The other glaring lack in his kitchen -- which is almost as small as mine, and I live in a Manhattan studio apartment -- is a garbage can. He just puts a garbage bag on the floor, loose. For some reason he's never gotten a garbage can.

Problem is, that gift is not only unromantic, it's recycled. I gave GI Josh a bathroom garbage can for his birthday when I was dating him. Inside I'd put a new leather wallet, since his was falling apart. I thought it was a nice gift. He never ended up getting me anything for my birthday -- told me he'd ordered a pearl bracelet online, but somehow it never arrived.

I'm not quite superstitious enough to believe that if I get this boyfriend a garbage can he'll also throw me out. And JV did get me beautiful earrings for Chanuka, albeit earrings I picked out. So maybe I will get him a garbage can for his birthday. What else do you get the Russian engineer who has everything?
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  1. Glad things continue to go well w/you and JV. What are you doing for the Seudah? You are welcome to come here!

    Do not get him a garbage can for his birthday--yuck! Get him a nice watch, or a cashmere scarf. If he needs a garbage can get that some other time.

  2. But he NEEDS one... and I've seen some really pretty Italian ones. Cashmere scarf isn't a bad idea, though.

    We can discuss the seudah at lunch this weekend. He doesn't have the kids for Purim day, so we could come into the city after we take them back to Hell.

  3. What are you getting him for Valentine's Day?

  4. A haircut. We're going to a nice salon, he's getting a haircut and I'm getting a haircut and a semipermanent color wash. I made the reservation under my name on Lifebooker, so I'm going to pay for it. He is taking me to Prime Grill for dinner.

  5. shoes or a mattress. when your not in one of the two youre in the other therefore i think shoes is a great gift . you need to know if his feet are more /less wide then usual & the right size obvious

  6. If he enjoys seeing shows, you can also buy tickets to see one together. My husb still says he loved my gift of Tommy tickets more than anything, even more than the chainsaw I knew he was eyeing :) or a night at a comedy club, a concert, there are many that are off Broadway for more affordable tickets too.

    I know men like practical gifts, but if you keep getting him garbage cans, he might start gettting you blenders instead of jewelry (btw, keep picking out the jewelry for your ocassions, that's the way most couples do it, ensures you get something you actually want).