Saturday, February 27, 2010

So much for Purim....

JV and I both have colds, and the tri-state area is blanketed with snow. I know we're supposed to go out to hear megilla, but we're both exhausted and not feeling well, so we're staying in. Just as well, because the Marilyn Monroe costume I got is a little too tight and a little too see-through. (I bought it on sale the day after Halloween and they wouldn't let me try it on.)

"Next year, it might be even tighter on me," I quipped to JV after I tried it on and almost couldn't zip it.

"We'll get you a nun costume, then," he responded, without panicking.

Tomorrow we're taking the children to a Russian opera based on the Purim story. Should be interesting. Hope everyone else has a freilichen Purim!
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  1. We'll miss seeing you at the Seudah tomorrow! Avi has been talking about you--he has been naming all the people who came to his birthday parties. Galia wants you to see her tinkerbell costume.

    I hope you feel better and have fun with JV and family. Chag Sameach!!!

  2. YEAH! I have my Ayelet FIX back!
    let us know how the Play on Purim was for the kids! yes a Nuns Costume ! lolzzz