Saturday, March 20, 2010

Classy move, Captain TMI

Last time I saw Captain TMI was at a karaoke night last month. He hugged me a little longer than I was comfortable with and told me I was adorable -- a bitch, but adorable. "But that's okay, because I'm an asshole!" he added cheerily.

Fine, whatever, next time he hugs me, I'll be sure to break free when I feel ready. But recently he sent me an email on Facebook:

I just realized I know who you are dating, small world.

See, Captain TMI went out with Mara. Seriously. For a few months. He wanted to marry her. I wrote back:

Yep. You probably have a very different view of him than I do.

He answered:

I know a lot about him but I never met him. I may be gruff sometimes, but I don't pass judgment on someone I have not met. Love is a wonderful emotion, run with it if you find it.

Now that's just... classy. Rational. Even generous. I thought about telling him what a bullet he dodged, but what would that accomplish? So I left it at:

Trust me, Captain TMI, you don't know anything about him. Not. A. Thing. And that's all I'm going to say. Thanks for the good wishes :)

I'm doing another acupuncture evening at my friend Ozer's. And guess who he invited? Mara. Not surprisingly, she declined. I'd tell him to stop inviting her, but why give him more fodder for gossip? And why not give Mara a stoch so indirectly that she doesn't know I'm giving it? Petty, yes, but far less than she deserves.
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