Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mom is apparently on JV's side.

I'm sick. I was feeling terrible all week, getting over that lithium imbalance, but more or less normal by Thursday. Then Friday I started feeling irritable and achy. Coughing, sneezing, sore throat. Kind of what JV had last week. No big deal -- I didn't have a group to run, I could just see some individual clients, collect a little urine, go see Dr. R, and go home and crash.

Fortunately I stopped by the grocery store before going home. Got a watermelon, some canned grapefruit segments (I like not having to peel them), and some ice cream. And ordered a pizza from the vegetarian restaurant -- all the kosher places were closed.

I decided I needed rest. So I took a few klonazepam. Three, to be exact. And I must have taken more some time on Saturday, because I woke up completely disoriented on Sunday. (Still sick, of course. Dry cough, sore lungs, achy muscles, feverish.)

I called Alona. "Is it Sunday?" I asked her.

"Yes," she said slowly. "Are you okay?"

"I'm sick," I whined. "It's all JV's fault. He had a head cold last week that was supposed to migrate to his chest. It migrated to mine instead."

"Uh, yeah," she said, concerned. "Are you okay?"

"I have a really bad cold," I said. "I need to rest."

"Do you need anything?" she asked. Apparently I needed to finish the ice cream at some point. I remember starting it, then putting it away, and there's an empty box in the garbage can. Benzodiazepines have a slightly amnestic effect. Fortunately I had a few cans of grapefruit and peaches, and a baby watermelon. And the rest of the pizza, which I couldn't face.

I called my mother after my temperature spiked to 100. "Should I go to the emergency room?" I asked.

"Probably not. Take some tylenol," she advised. "And some chicken soup."

"I don't want chicken soup," I griped. "I'm miserable."

"How is JV?" she asked, trying to change the subject.

"He's fine," I said darkly, swallowing a few ibuprofin. "He is working on a Very Important work project and can't come over to take care of me. It's his damn fault. I should never have gone over there last week and caught his cold. He is not a good boyfriend today."

"Can Alona help out? Or Miriam?" asked Mom.

"I don't want Alona or Miriam," I grumbled. "They would if I wanted them to. I just don't want either of them to get sick." I took my temperature again: 99.6. "I'll be fine," I grumbled.

"You know," Mom said hesitantly, "it's not really JV's fault..."

"I know it's not JV's fault!" I growled and coughed. I would have laughed at how ridiculous that was -- her trying to convince me that my boyfriend didn't deliberately get me sick -- but laughing makes me cough, and coughing makes me hurt too much. "It's nobody's fault. Well, mine for not sleeping in the guest bedroom and letting him breathe on me all night. Through the garlic fumes."

"Garlic is supposed to act as an antiseptic," Mom said.

"Well, it might be good as a contraceptive," I said, "but as an antiseptic it definitely falls down."

Punishment for my sins, I suppose. If I were a literalist, I'd believe this awful cold was the direct result of me missing megilla reading on Purim and not giving out even two shaloch manot. I guess I wasn't yotzei watching a Russian opera that involved the main Purim characters,

Last temperature taken: 99.9. I hope it's not going to be a long night. And I'm definitely not going in to work tomorrow.
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  1. Got the same thing. Ended up in the ER yesterday w/ dehydration. I heard Megillah and gave Mishloach Manot. Unconnected to the virus, I assure you;)

  2. went to the doctor today -- apparently it's bronchitis. she put me on Levaquin, some kind of ridiculously expensive antibiotic. I alternate between stuffy nose and hacking cough.

  3. hi the main thing i think is that your spirit is strong..and youve got it with control

  4. thanks Ari -- the antibiotic is definitely helping

  5. I discovered this past week just how dangerous it is to imagine exactly which sins could have contributed to exactly which punishments. I had a fight with a friend and then a few nasty things happened. It's a losing proposition. I'm glad you're feeling better at this point (and hope you're feeling 100% better soon).

    Love ya!