Thursday, April 15, 2010

Forgot to mention: The return of BPMS

I forgot to mention that I had a bad attack of Bipolar Pre-Menstrual Syndrome again. When JV got quiet Saturday night, I assumed that meant I was getting on his nerves and he needed space. On Sunday I decided to apologize to him for having been overly clingy and annoying.

"You haven't been clingy and annoying," JV said, raising an eyebrow.

"But you were so quiet last night," I said. "When you got quiet, I thought you were annoyed and needed more space."

JV raised both eyebrows. He looked as if I had suggested he needed more back hair.

"Why did you think that?" he asked. "You weren't talking either. I thought you were tired, so I left you alone. I wasn't annoyed at you."

"PMS," I said grimly. "Also post-relationship stress disorder. Whenever G.I. Josh got really quiet, it never boded well."

"I'm not G.I. Josh," JV reminded me. "Seriously, Mara..."

"WHAT????" I shrieked.

"AUGH!" shouted JV, sounding like Charlie Brown.

I guess it had to happen sometime.
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