Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kitniyot on Pesach

I finally remembered how I got JV to admit he loves me.

Over Pesach, while we were at Liberty Island, JV and I had a disagreement. I was convinced that Liberty Island belonged to New Jersey. He was certain it belonged to New York.

"Care to make it interesting?" I said. A crafty look entered his eye.

"Sure," he said. "If I'm wrong, we won't have kitniyot on Pesach ever again. If I'm right, we'll eat kitniyot every year."

JV thinks the kitniyot ban is ridiculous, but agreed to abide by it this year for my sake. Foolhardy soul that I am, I agreed to his terms... and lost. Ellis Island belongs in part to New Jersey, but Liberty Island is entirely New York's.

"You have to eat kitniyot for the rest of your life!" gloated the children. (They're not particularly good winners.) Periodically, M2 would ask, "Does she really have to eat kitniyot for the rest of her life?" He has a non sequitur habit of asking questions related to discussions that took place hours, days, or weeks earlier.

JV kept saying, "Yes. She has to eat kitniyot on Pesach for the rest of her life."

Later, I asked him, "Do you really think we'll still be together next Pesach?"

"Hopefully," said JV.

"Does that mean you love me?" I asked coyly.

JV sighed. "Yes," he begrudged.

"Say it," I demanded.

"I love you, Ayelet."


"I love you."

So I guess if all goes well, I'll be eating matzoh with peanut butter next Pesach. And serving hummus at the seder.
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. According to Wikipedia, you are both right, and wrong: The island itself is the property of the federal government. Liberty Island is located completely within the boundaries of Jersey City, New Jersey, but its built portions and docks fall under the jurisdiction of the City of New York, of which they wholly are part.

    Actually I'd say you are more right than he is. So, hold the Chummus!!!

  2. unfortunately, according to the Liberty Island park ranger, JV is right

  3. See the links below. As a Russian JV should recall the phrase ''trust but verify''. Who says the park ranger is neccessarily correct?

    Seems odd to give up a religious precept over a bet...unless you thought it was bunk to begin with.

    I should add that I am very glad JV is acknowledging that you are loveable. But he should recant on the statue!

  4. Small price to pay for making Pesach 2011 with the malchiks, i think.

  5. Geographically, Liberty Island is part of NJ. It's managed by NY for tax reasons, and it belongs to the federal government. I suppose you could say both JV and I were right. I'll see if he's willing to reopen the discussion.

    Right now I'm not so crazy about the malchicks. I know they're just experiencing conflict about liking me vs. loyalty to their mother, but it still stings. I have to get used to it, I guess.

  6. You have to accept that they're children, and you're an adult. They don't have the perspective or the maturity to process their feelings. I imagine it's the same with teenagers, only worse. If anything, you can view this as a positive development. You're not going away, so they're forced to figure out how they feel about you. The only thing for it is time.