Sunday, April 11, 2010


I was too busy during Pesach to blog, but everything seemed to go pretty well. We took the kids to some nice touristy spots -- Empire State Building, Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty, Bronx Zoo. He admitted that he loves me, and I was overjoyed.

Then I came home, took a shower, and saw another rat. Now I'm back at JV's, commuting a hellish two hours to and from work. Friday afternoon dashing to catch the bus from the George Washington Bridge terminal (it stops near his house, unlike the Port Authority buses, but only runs every 40 minutes), I tripped and smashed down on my knee.

It's fun being with JV, but I can tell that sometimes I get on his nerves. I guess that's only fair, given our history. I can't expect him to adore me the same unquestioning way he used to. Now he's more like a regular guy in a relationship, so I'm trying to give him a little space.
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