Monday, May 31, 2010

Apparently Ayelet has quite an impact on people

On Friday a co-worker approached me, one of the adminstrative staff: "Ayelet, could I talk to you for a minute? It's something personal."

Uh-oh. How did I offend her? "Sure. No problem. Was it something I said?"

"No, no... it's not like that at all."

We went to my office. Turns out she wanted advice on how to support a family member who is using drugs and alcohol and experiencing some pretty severe psychiatric symptoms. So I normalized the situation a little ("This person is still young and doesn't have a long history of psychiatric problems, so hopefully a good intervention can turn things around relatively quickly"), gave her contact information for some good psychiatric clinics in her area, and provided links to NAMI so she and her family can access support.

Smoke THAT, stupid co-worker who thinks I'm incompetent and have his job.

Then I came home to this message on Facebook:

Hi Ayelet, I don't know if you remember but I'm KallahChadash. I actually changed my screenname since but that's what you knew me as

Thank you for helping me out when my husband was first starting to abuse me. I finally got the courage and called the police on him abt 5 weeks ago and we have been separated since

Thanks for giving me that first push! Otherwise I would have never been strong enough to be where I am right now.

Wow. Sounds like I helped her. Who is she? I have no idea. My friends often give my name to their friends who are having psychological difficulties, so I've spoken to many people. I honestly don't remember this woman.

Thanks for writing! I do remember you slightly, but I don't remember how we met or when it was. I'm glad you're in a better place and grateful I was able to be of assistance.

Interesting that two random people I normally wouldn't be helping (since helping people is my job) made a point of reaching out or thanking me the day after I thought my life might be over. Coincidence?
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  1. It may be a coincidence, and it may be providence. But the bottom line is, you're helping a LOT of people with very serious, real-world, ugly problems. Because you've been to that place, and because you've got the training and expertise to help. Kohelet says to spread your bread on the water, because you never know when, in the fullness of days, it'll come back to you. Or something like that :).

    While we're on the subject, let me thank you for talking me through some very difficult times. You're the best. Don't forget.

  2. Always nice to actually get feedback. Its so rare that we actually get to find out what ultimately happens after we give advice.

    Don't stress over the medical thing until someone tells you there is something to worry about. I take blood tests every 3 months to check that all things are A.O.K. or see what needs to be tweaked. I don't stress until the doctor tells me that there is a reason to stress. Good rule to live by as there are so many scares as we get older.

  3. Good for you!
    You must have chosen the right profession. : )