Sunday, May 30, 2010


I've been struggling with a particular co-worker since I moved offices. Mr. Princess Crybaby has been rude, hostile, dismissive, passive-aggressive, the works. Doesn't support me when his clients act out in my groups. And I've never done a thing to him. He was like this the minute I walked in, and he hasn't changed. It's been incredibly stressful. So I'm definitely on edge.

My doctor left a voiceamail message on my home phone on Thursday, telling me there were abnormalities on my Pap smear. I called the office and gave them my cell phone number and waited for hours.

Finally, in tears I called and learned they'd misheard one of the digits. My doctor had left for the day but I spoke to another. Apparently the results are fairly common but need to be followed up on. But I couldn't schedule the follow-up test for two weeks because they only have one room where they do that procedure, and it wasn't open at any of the times that my doctor was available.

That's ridiculous. If another doctor in the practice can deliver my baby in place of my regular doctor, why can't they do a colposcopy?

Fine, whatever. But it felt like a kick to the chest. I'm about to get engaged, and I might have cervical cancer? Thanks, God. Why couldn't this have happened ten years ago? I would have welcomed death.

I spoke to Joey, who's a psychiatrist, and he said not to worry -- people have these results and follow-ups all the time, and it's almost always nothing. Almost.
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  1. Why assume the worst? Based on the link I sent you on FB, everything is likely to be fine. Think happy thoughts about your upcoming wedding!!