Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Is she serious?

I just looked at the lease for the new apartment. And had to write to my landlady immediately:
Stupid Landlady, our agreement was that you would give me a rent-stabilized lease for the new apartment. This lease is a standard form of apartment lease for apartments NOT subject to the rent stabilization law, and the enclosed decontrol notice states that the apartment is no longer subject to the rent stabilization law. This is unacceptable.

She promised me that the new apartment would be leased under the same terms as my current apartment. And that the lease was the standard rent-stabilized lease. She wrote back:

Any apartment that reaches $2000.00 in rent becomes decontrolled. As you can clearly see by about $60.00 it has now become decontrolled. There is nothing I can do about that.

JV doesn't want me to give up a rent-stabilized apartment on the Upper West Side. But if I move, I won't be in a rent-stabilized apartment. Stupid Landlady also claims that the only way to address the rat problem is to renovate the kitchen completely, which would be inconvenient, to say the least, while I'm living there.

I scheduled another inspection for the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, which regulates rent-controlled and -stabilized housing in the city. I guess I'll tell them that the landlord is refusing to remediate the rat problem in my apartment, and their only solution is to remove me from it and place me in a non-stabilized apartment.
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  1. Ayelet dear,

    Don't waste too much more mental energy on this. Assuming you are still confident that you and JV will be married before the end of the year, just sign the lease and move on with your life.

    Or, move in w/JV and deal w/the commute for a few months. Or, move in w/JV while your old apt. kitchen is being renovated.

    You are morally and probably legally in the right, but life is too short to give yourself this much aggravation. Instead you could be doing stuff like, I don't know, picking out bridesmaid dresses : ) ?

    Just my two cents.