Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My life sometimes seems like a cascade of annoyances. There's the ever-present knee pain, which ranges from mild to excruciating. I'm thinking of making an appointment for treatment that I saw advertised in amNew York, even though it's in Queens, where I neither live nor work.

There's the apartment situation. After HPD inspected, I got a letter from the landlady's lawyer rescinding the offer to move into another apartment and telling me they're going to renovate my kitchen. Then I got an email from her:

I will be scheduling to paint your entire apartment -- bathroom, kitchen and living room area. You are to move all your furniture and belongings to the center of the room. Also to remove all items in the kitchen and bathroom before painting. We will cover your belongings. I will get back to you in regard to when we will be doing the work.

Fair enough, I suppose. I responded:

Please be sure to give me at least two weeks notice, or I will not be able to move everything in time.

She agreed to do that. But then I had a mishap last night, coming home at 9:45 p.m.:

Last night as I was getting on the elevator, I stumbled because the elevator floor was about 3/4" higher than the hallway floor. I dropped my keys and they fell down the shaft. I called Cosmo and knocked on his door but nobody answered. Fortunately, a friend who lives nearby was able to bring me a spare set of keys, but did not have my mailbox key. Please let me know if the keys can be retrieved. Otherwise, I will need a new mailbox lock and key.

It's always something...

I decided not to interview for the job I posted about yesterday. It's primarily administrative, with a ton of responsibility, and requires an in-depth knowledge of New Jersey substance abuse and mental health treatment policy and resources. Which I don't yet have. And I need more clinical experience before I move into a primarily administrative/programming role.

But my friend Jason from social work school does have a ton of clinical and administrative experience. And he knows Jersey better than Tony Soprano. So I passed along the information to him and made my apologies to the recruiter, who was very gracious:

Hi Ayelet – thank you for your note. I absolutely understand that timing is everything and would welcome another applicant. If he is interested, he is also welcome to send his resume to me directly. He can also visit the job description on the certification board web site. Thank you for your candor and who knows, perhaps we will get that chance to meet one day. BTW, when you move to Teaneck – you have to check out Zoe’s CafĂ©, which sells cupcakes etc to benefit a local teem home for pregnant moms. It was built from a grant from Women United in Philanthropy, of which I am a member, to help supplement the agency and provide a training ground for young moms to enter the work force. It’s a fun place to have dessert and tea or coffee.

Cupcakes for a good cause. I am so on board!

Hi Jill - thanks for understanding. I forwarded your message to Jason, and he'll be sending you his resume. If there's anything I love more than helping others, it's cupcakes, so I'm looking forward to trying Zoe's! And I do hope that you and I will meet at some point - perhaps while making a referral :)

Work has been bearable, and always reminds me that infuriating situations will often be hilarious if you just wait a little while. One client arrived for group yesterday wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with a huge marijuana leaf and the words "I (heart) GREEN." And had the nerve to claim he didn't understand why he couldn't come to group wearing it. Made for a very interesting discussion with the rest of the participants...
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  1. Glad work has been bearable, and that the apartment situation has been resolved. As one of my clients says: onward!