Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Just heard from my doctor. Results of the colposcopy were benign.

In related news: I have a job interview in New Jersey this Thursday. Not a clinical position -- more administrative, working on a substance abuse and mental health treatment referral hotline. Probably some evening hours, and I might be on call 24/7. But a good salary and an interesting opportunity. Speaking of salaries: I've spoken to a few NJ agencies, and they are way lowballing me on salary. I thought NYC social workers were underpaid, but NJ social workers are even worse off. I might need to revise my expectations.

I'll have to call in sick to go to the interview, which is unfortunate, but I have to look out for myself now. Because this agency sure isn't.

In my annual review, my supervisor managed to blame me for Princess Crybaby's hostility and bullying, said I had a deficit- instead of solution-focused mindset, denied that I have problem-solving skills, and criticized me on a number of things she never once mentioned during the seven months I've been at this office. So of course I had no opportunity to try to improve.

She's going on maternity leave, having a waterbirth at home. Before she left, I gushed, "I'm sure it will be a beautiful experience." Thinking, "I hope that baby shreds you like coleslaw on the way out." Like Claudius in Hamlet, I'm learning to smile and keep my counsel to myself. Of course, I have no plans to pour poison in anyone's ear. At least not literally.
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  1. Ayelet,

    A lot to comment on in this post.
    First of all, I am so relieved for you! Glad the medical condition was benign.

    As far as your current job, the supervisor sounds so much like my last boss. What is the point of a performance review where you feel ambushed? On the positive side, mercifully she will be on maternity leave so you won't have to deal with her for a few months.

    I am glad you landed an interview so quickly, and glad you are open minded about an administrative role. Two questions to ask yourself: can you see yourself being a boss? And do you really want to be working nights and on call 24/7 at the start of a marriage? I can tell you it was hard working as a newspaper reporter after getting married, although David never actually complained. I just wanted to be w/him, not sitting at work. And if you are thinking of having kids, it's nigh impossible to have a job like that.But you should certainly go on the interview; at the very least, it's good practice.
    My final point: do not accept a job in NJ until you have a ring on your finger! (Maybe that will prompt JV to finally get moving?)