Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fate is apparently untemptable

I way overreacted.

JV loves me and we are still engaged, despite Malchick 1's reaction. JV spoke to my psychiatrist friend Joey, who talked him down off the ledge, and we're going to work on solutions together. Which will probably involve postponing the wedding, but that doesn't matter. I think we should make it official, so the kids know it's really happening even if they don't (yet) want it to happen, but have a long engagement, so they have enough time to process it.

And also tell them they'll get a Nintendo wii with all kinds of attachments as a wedding present. 

I am also going back into psychotherapy to work on other issues, like interpersonal effectiveness. Because why do I have problems in every workplace or school situation I enter? And work-life balance, and trying to achieve the believe that even if I never get married, my life will still have purpose and meaning.

I'm pursuing laser treatment for my knee pain, so that I won't feel like a geriatric cougar instead of a luscious youthful cougar. And I'm going to make more of an effort to take care of myself -- more massages, manicures, and healthy indulgences like exotic fruit and healthy take-out food such as broiled fish.

Thanks to everyone for their love and concern.
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  1. Ayelet, I am so glad you are feeling better. All of your friends and fans were so worried about you!

    I am also glad to read this post and see you've got some perspective on your relationship with JV. After everything the two of you have been through recently it can only get easier from here.

    Therapy is probably a good idea to help keep things in perspective and your emotions on an even keel. And massages and manicures are great too! Count me in for a visit to Dashing Diva.
    XXX 000!!!!