Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jersey is a small, small world

Remember Kalev, the divorced classmate who asked to buy me a cup of coffee after giving his wife her get? As in, right after:

I was wondering if you would be interested in going out for coffee sometime? We are scheduled for me to give my wife her Get tomorrow, so sometime after that.

Yeah. How about not. Anyway, Kalev posted a status update on Monday:

Wishing all of those who will be fasting tonight and tomorrow a safe, easy and meaningful fast.

Mara Dreck "Liked" it. So -- and I realize this was petty of me -- I commented:

you too, KL :) (His last name is "Levy.")

So today I get this email from Kalev:

Hi Ayelet, Thanks for your well-wishes response to my pre-Tisha B'Av posting! I hope that you're doing better now than you were a few weeks ago? I can certainly relate. My civil divorce is still not done, G-d willing some day soon!

In the interest of "full disclosure", I am very good friends with JV's ex-wife, so please don't go into any meaningful details about your relationship if/when you respond. M2 and M1 are great kids, though I'm sure that you've spent much more time with them than I have. :-)

I wish you only the best and much happiness!  Good luck with the job hunt and be well, Kalev

I can barely imagine what she must have said to him. And how in the middle he must feel. Jersey is a small world indeed.

Doing better, thanks. M1 and M2 are indeed great kids; it's a privilege to be part of their lives. Not sure what kind of details you thought I'd share about my relationship with their dad, but I will spare you, aside from saying that he's a wonderful guy and I'm lucky to have him. Good luck finalizing your divorce :) I'm not exactly unemployed, just restructured.

That ought to settle his concerns.

I'm happy to hear that! I wasn't sure either (some people seem to share every detail of their lives on facebook... not sure why? ;) ), which is why I decided to mention it. I'm very happy to hear that your happy and things are going well... you're a very nice person and you certainly deserve it.

Ouch. Kalev, you oughta read my blog.

It's my fault. I should stop trying to force myself upon Mara's FB awareness. It's petty, it's beneath me, and it could lead to custody complications. Yet another issue to bring up in therapy with Dr. R....
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