Monday, August 09, 2010


Still have a light-ish workload, especially when clients don't attend their appointments. Not sure if that's good or bad. Since last night I've had a web of anxious butterflies fluttering inside me. But while yesterday I was constantly on the verge of tears, today I'm happier. Not sure why. I have the sinking feeling that this relationship, like all its precedents, is ending. And yesterday that made me want to die. But not today.

Maybe because of a strange email I got from, of all people, my ex-friend Shimona:
Hi Ayelet, I am just e-mailing to let you know that Eldad contacted me b/c he has someone he'd like to set you up with. He told me a bit about the guy and why he thought of you for this guy and asked if you were dating anyone. I told him I thought you might be, but I wasn't sure. I thought you might want to contact him directly if you're interested in hearing more about this opportunity. Best of luck either way.

This was strange because Eldad is a FB friend of mine, so he should be able to contact me directly -- and to see that I'm dating someone. I guess he hasn't heard that Shimona and I did a Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie.

Thank you for letting me know. Right now I am in a relationship, but I suppose if that does not work out I would be open to meeting someone else. I will email Eldad. Hope you are well.

I was in despair all the way home from the restaurant yesterday (we were celebrating JV's aunt's 80th birthday and one of the courses was SNAILS, covered with mozzarella, mussels on the side). I thought, "If I lose JV, who else is there for me?"

Hearing from Shimona must have given me some hope. But it shouldn't. Because I've been set up with a ton of guys, and none of them ever amounted to anything.

Still, I couldn't keep from writing him:

Hi Eldad, hope you and yours are well. Shimona told me that you had someone in mind for me. I am currently dating someone, but if that does not work out I would be open to meeting someone else. Thank you for thinking of me!

Part of me thinks I should go out with this guy while JV is on vacation with his kids and parents next week. Too soon?
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