Sunday, August 15, 2010

For what it's worth, JV's week was pretty miserable too

JV had a rough week at work. And this week won't be much better: his kids are at his parents' time share in northern NJ, so JV will be commuting back and forth from the time share to work, which takes a good hour. But they'll be back for the weekend, and I'll be back with them, so this week won't really be much different for me.

The kids were disappointed I wasn't coming to the time share.

"Why don't you get vacation at your job?" asked M1.

"I do," I said. "Remember? I went to Chicago a few weeks ago."

"Why'd you have to go to Chicago?" asked M2.

I didn't tell him I asked myself that question a few times... "Because my whole family was there. It was a lot of fun. But because I just went on vacation and because the chagim are coming up, I can't take off more time."

We had a great weekend. We went shopping for soccer cleats and groceries. They liked the food we cooked, and they played together more or less nicely. Except when I suggested JV take them outside to play ball yesterday, since the weather was so beautiful. M1 ran to play Pokemon cards with the neighbor's son, so JV and M2 played catch.

"Ayelet! Watch me!" shouted M2 every time I looked away. I watched. "Molodyets!" I shouted -- Russian for "good job" or something like that. Apparently you can't add the word "very" to modify it. Which is a shame, because "very" is another of the few Russian words I know.

Sunday morning JV was busy packing upstairs. M1 was in the kids' room across from JV's room; M2 came downstairs into the living room, where I was on the computer.

"My dad told me something," M2 said coyly.

"What did he tell you?" I asked.

"Something about you two," he insinuated.

"What about us?" Was JV discussing us getting married with him just now?

M2 grinned and ducked his head coquettishly. "That you might get married."

"We might," I said, mentally scratching my head. Why would JV raise the issue with M2 if JV is having doubts?

"I think it's a good idea," M2 said, "but M1 doesn't. But it doesn't matter, because he's outvoted. Also, I told him I'd give him $32 if he lets you get married."

Wow. "You don't need to give him money," I said. "I think eventually he'll think it's a good idea. It'll be just like things are now, but I won't have to travel as much. And we'll make sure you guys have time alone with your dad, because you need that."

"Where will you sleep?" asked M2.

"With your dad," I said. He frowned. "Don't worry," I added, "we'll get a bigger bed, with room for everyone."

"My dad says he's in love with you," said M2.

"That's good, because I'm in love with him," I said. "That's why people get married."

"Not my mom," said M2.

"Really?" I asked.

"She says she never loved my dad, she just wanted kids, so that's why she married him," said M2 blithely. "And he never loved her."

Nice, Mara. "I don't think that's true," I said. "He told me he loved her when they got married."

"But he doesn't love her anymore," said M2. "That's why they got divorced."

"Yes," I said.

"Why can't you come on vacation with us?" asked M2. He often changes the subject abruptly, usually back to a question that in his mind remains unresolved. JV came downstairs and we went into the kitchen, where I relayed the conversation to him.

"Did you talk about us getting married with him today?" I asked.

"No," said JV; "he came up with that on his own."

"At least he's in favor of it," I said.

JV and the kids drove me home. M2 reassured me several times that he was in favor of the wedding, was looking forward to dressing up in a nice suit and tie, and heartily approved of my plan to buy them a wii when we get engaged. M1 wasn't quite as vocal in his approval, but he wasn't vocal in disapproval.

I guess we just have to wait for JV to be ready -- or not. How would he explain us breaking up to the kids? Would they miss me after I was gone?

I hope those questions remain rhetorical.
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