Saturday, August 28, 2010

Now it really feels like my life is over

I'm 40, childless, and single. I don't own my own home, I can't afford to have a baby. My health sucks. Every few years another major injury or crisis.

I give myself 10 more years, at most. Nobody can ask more of me. 
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  1. it's normal to feel really low after a break up, especially one of this magnitude- and didn't you say this was your longest relationship? Welcome to the breakup of a long term sucks, it sucks really bad, and it will suck for a while (I hear the magical ratio of "1/2 the time to heal that you were in the relationship"-and it did take me about 2 years to get over my 4 year relationship with my ex fiance). But it will eventually get better, I promise.

    I hope in 10 years you are living an awesome and fulfilling life, looking back on this as something that turned out for the best after all. You've been through so much already, you can get through this too.

    -Someone who's been there.

  2. Thanks, AE. I needed to hear that.