Monday, September 20, 2010

Ayelet just says No

I posted about OOT, M.D. and got 3 yeas and 3 nays in comments. Last night another friend weighed in via email:

The tipping point is the 6 month old. He's been Jewish for three years... with all that, he went back, had unprotected relations with a non-Jewish woman and created a 6 month old child??? Is he a millionaire that he can take care of all these children and any you may have with him? He is not fully committed to being Jewish if he could do that AND he may be a player, if he could do something like that.

I think she's right. That is just a little too much baggage.
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  1. Dear Ayelet - why do you feel you are NOT worthy of a man that is not as damaged as the one's you describe in your blog. I am not sure how old you are (early 40s?) but you are still capable of meeting a single man with no children. You are still worthy of enjoying life and not filling it with all this unnecessary drama. Try to get involved with someone that is interested in YOUR life not a man that is interested in you listening to all his problems. someone that will enjoy life with you and appreciate YOU!!

  2. Thanks, Anonymous. I guess I feel defective because of my illness. I just turned 40. I don't mind a man with children, but 5 children is a lot. On top of all the other drama. But thank you for believing that I deserve true love and happiness :)

  3. I am finally caught up to your present. Sheesh, you'd think I was an engineer or something for reading so much of your past years of blogging!
    I just want to say--despite the fact it may sound patronizing--that I am so proud of you. Perhaps you are just a whole lot more cautious and critical about what you share on your blog, but you seem to be infinitely less frustrated, bitter, reactive and even vindictive than you used to be. (Mind you, I loved you while you were all those things, too...please don't be hurt by my probably out of line labeling of the you-that-was.) I really admire the ever increasing grace with which you handle the unfair lot life has given you.
    Question: are you able to go into your most recent trip to the psych ward? If it is too painful to write about or not something you want to be "public" even as Ayelet, it's understandable. I had to go back to previous posts when you referenced the incident. It was glossed over and I hadn't registered that you had an actual crisis rather than just stating it would be unsurprising if you had to be admitted. Since you do want this blog to be largely about living with your illness, this crisis might be worth elaboration.