Sunday, September 12, 2010

Brrr: JV finally responds

Last night I sent another email:

Dear JV,

In addition to the box from Amazon and my diploma copies and other important documents, I know I left my Coupling DVDs and several books ("Nutri-Cures," "For the Relief of Unbearable Urges," "Arrested Voices," "Sleeping with Cats," and that book about Russians) at your house.

If it is too much trouble to drop everything off at Alona's, may I suggest you pack it up and ship it to her. I will pay for the shipping. Her address is: (given)

If neither of these solutions works for you, please let me know of another way I can get my stuff back and stop bothering you like this.

Thank you, Ayelet

Heard back this morning.


Unfortunately, I still have not been able to find your papers. However, I will drop off the rest of your things at Alona's either later today, or early next week.


It's exactly how he emails Mara. I guess it's useful to have a model to follow. But I really need those documents...

Well, there are quite a few loose papers in the guest room, so I suppose they're well hidden. I hope you will continue to look and in the meantime thank you for dropping off what you did find. If you haven't drunk the coconut water, I wouldn't mind having that back either.

I left a bunch of cartons of coconut water in his fridge before we broke up.


Of course I will keep looking for the papers. And yes, I did pack the coconut water as well.


Brrr. As my clients would say, "That is cold, son."
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