Sunday, September 05, 2010

Dr. Chef parries, but does not thrust

Remember how we were confused about Dr. Chef saying

goodness knows you must need at least a little fun after working the job you do, and, given the long, cold winters there, one is left to wonder what exactly that might entail

His next email to me explains that:

subway? am and metro?
I thought you were in [upstate hometown with notoriously cold winters, aka UHWNCW]. Hmmmm

In any case, you will be relieved to know that I love opera, including Tristan, but not the rest of the ring, art hanging and IMac rocking whilst cooking with whatever is left in my vegetable drawer, freezer, and spice drawers and the corner bodega. Best of all, in 2 words: duck ragu. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

He ain't kidding. Duck ragout sounds awesome. And I might have been a little too enthusiastic in my response:

I grew up in UHWNCW but I've lived in Manhattan since 1992. I work in downtown Brooklyn. Where do you live and work.

Duck ragu????? In two words: When?!! Where?!!!

Droolingly, Ayelet

He responded to that in a timely and polite manner. Almost too polite.

The where: I live, work, and cook in Manhattan. I came from Illinois via Montreal.
The when: most nights in my kitchen. Cooking is one way I relax...

Hope your day is a good one. Best, Dr. C

Is it me, or does he sound like he's lost interest? Well, I can play it cool, too.

Where in Manhattan do you live and work? I'm on the Upper West Side. Rent-stabilized studio, so it's affordable but very small. Hope you have a wonderful day as well.

And I did not hear from him for three days. Today he wrote:

One more thing we share in common: I am on the upper, UWS -- Harlem, on 116th, and work in Union Square.

Loving the beautiful day and heading out for a CP jog before having a few friends over for a roofdeck BBQ (one of the many perks of Harlem living). Hope you are doing something enjoyable and relaxing this weekend, too. Best, Dr. C

So how do I respond to that? Tell him that I'm meeting my sister and nieces for dinner tonight, and tomorrow going for a facial and massage? And when? Should I wait until after Rosh Hashana, or just write something late Tuesday night?
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  1. Three days included shabbat, no? So don't fret and give it your best shot.

    Yes, just respond as you suggested. Not sure what the rules would say about online dating, but no need to wait until Tues. Later tonight should be fine : )