Sunday, September 12, 2010

He is just a LITTLE bitter

I noticed a guy checking out my profile regularly. Five years my junior, so probably not interested, but I was waiting for the Goodwill store to open this morning, so I thought I'd send him a friendly little shana tova greeting. He sent me an IM while I was out, which I missed, so I sent him back an IM that he accepted.

Let's call him Not Quite Ready to Date (NQRD). I think the conversation speaks for itself.

Ayelet: hi
NQRD: s up?
Ayelet: not much... running errands, trying to stay dry ;)
NQRD: dry?
Ayelet: it's raining
NQRD: neh -- barely
Ayelet: I didn't say POURING ;)
NQRD: yeh but u r trying to stay dry.... means wet!!!!
Ayelet: I got a little damp
NQRD: i see
Ayelet: so what's up with u?
NQRD: so what do i get this honor for?
nm same crap dif day :)
Ayelet: well, you sent me an IM that I missed, so I'm returning the favor
NQRD: i did in response to ur email :)
Ayelet: aha… well, I noticed you noticing my profile and thought I'd say hi
NQRD: i c
Ayelet: how was ur Rosh Hashana?
NQRD: sucky, thx
Ayelet: sorry to hear that
NQRD: hey what can u do -- the joys of being an x
Ayelet: how long have u been divorced?
NQRD: 6 months
Ayelet: ah
NQRD: u? nvr married?
Ayelet: so it's all still very recent
Ayelet: never married
NQRD: recent?
12 1/2 years of trying
Ayelet: wow -- that's a sincere effort, sorry it was all for nothing
NQRD: yup
Ayelet: hopefully this year will be better
NQRD: hope so
ok nice talking to u.we will b in touch. take care

I'm not holding my breath.

I also made plans to have coffee tomorrow night with a guy who messaged me while I was dating JV. He's still interested. I'm not sure if I am. There's nothing that screams "wrong" about him -- he's just kind of blah. But maybe blah is what I need. He believes in open communication and appears to be easygoing and laid-back, two qualities I need in a person because I'm so high-strung.

He did say one thing that bothered me. He manages the billing for a mixed medical practice (radiology, cardiology, urology, etc.)  He said it was his way of getting close to a medical career, because even though he had the academics for med school, he knew he didn't have the dedication and persistence.

Nobody's perfect. I didn't go to med school either. I just didn't like the way he said it. At least he's honest and knows himself. I'm trying not to manufacture reasons to write people off.

His father passed away a long time ago, and his mother, unfortunately, was hit by a car, sustained brain damage, and is now in a nursing home. Compared to JV's puppetmaster parents, at least this aspect of his life is appealing, if tragic.

I don't even have a clever nickname to give him. He's just a nice guy. JANG.

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