Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Not another Persian!

Tonight I was minding my own business on Jwed, sending out little shana tova messages to Sir Gallant and Dr. Chef, when I got an IM from a 35-year-old Persian who styles himself "traditional and growing." Let's look at the rest of his profile:

The role of Judaism in my life: Preserve and honor our role as Jews and pass the tradition to our children...grow spiritually and religiously. Fear G-d and perfect our souls.

This is how I describe myself: A list of faves include... G-d, my big loving fam, spirituality, learning, traveling, cooking, eatting, stayin fit and healthy, animals/nature, science, the arts, shabbat dinners... dreaming, creating, giving, and bein grateful everyday for my blessings... People would best describe me as type-A personality... brutally honest... good hearted... genuine... strong personality... intelligent... well liked... sense of humor... if this sounds generic... inquire within :o)

This is what I am looking for in a mate: Genuine Heart, Good Wife, Great Mother, Family Values, Educated...Im certainly lookin to reciprocate :o)

Love... Compromise... Trust... Communication... Respect... Health... Appreciation... Gratitude... Romance... Learning from each other... supporting each other :o)

In his profile pic, he rocks an open-collared red silk shirt and a heavy gold chain. We'll call him "Great Neck's Most Wanted (GNMW)."

I am not a fan of Persian men. I've dated my fair share. As I've written earlier,

This is probably a stereotype, but every Persian guy I have dated has been incredibly jealous and possessive -- sometimes to a frightening extent.

But hey... give a guy a chance, right? Maybe I could teach him to button up his shirt.

GNMW: hi there... sweet profile and pics
Ayelet: thanks
GNMW: how was ur beautiful weekend?
A: lovely... had dinner with my nieces, a massage and facial... very relaxing... how was urs?
GNMW: bbq pool party nite party boating... fun

Nice life.

GNMW: hows the site goin fr u?
A: hits and misses
GNMW: ill be honest im lookin for a friend and exclusive intimate partner

Well, I guess I don't have to worry about him being too possessive and jealous.

A: I'll be honest: I'm looking for a husband.

And I'll be reporting him to the proper authorities.
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