Thursday, September 02, 2010

Retrieving my stuff via email

JV, a package from [online retailer], which I ordered before we broke up, has been delivered to your house. I tried but was unable to change the delivery address. I also realized that some of my very important documents -- copies of my diplomas, etc. -- are still at your house. They are probably in the guest room in a navy blue cardboard folder or in one of those small cardboard boxes we used to pack up important documents before the apartment was painted. You also still have a set of my apartment keys.

I know you come into the city fairly often, either to see your parents or sister. If it's not too much trouble, at your convenience please leave everything with my friend Alona's doorman, labeled "Alona Chachama -- Apt. [#]." Her address is [one block away from my apartment].

Thank you, and have a great Labor Day weekend with the kids -- Ayelet

No answer so far.
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