Thursday, October 14, 2010

Giving the Jews one more chance

I decided that I will join if I don't get some expression of interest from a Jewish guy by Sunday. I'm going to a party Saturday night, and I'm already on a number of dating websites, so it seemed fair to me.

Somehow I found someone new-ish on Frumster. A lawyer from New Jersey. Single, no kids. Call him LNJSNK. I kinda liked his profile:

This is how I describe myself: A movie, dinner, comedy club, a concert, a good restaurant, museum, a walk/run or simply doing things together is my style. I'm a traditional, fun, cool, sensitive, warm-hearted, all-around, family oriented guy, looking for my best friend and more. I'm an optimist and can find humor in most any situation. I firmly believe nice guys don't finish last. I love being Jewish, our history and traditions and hope my counterpart has her own unique connection in some way. I like to cook, enjoy a healthy lifestyle. am a healthy eater, exercise, get together with friends and family, and love animals (even saved a greyhound from the track once)and music of all kinds--top 40 to klez to cantorial to the philharmonic. Hopefully my soulmate is hiding here.

This is what I am looking for in a mate: She is warm, friendly, and enjoys smiling. She appreciates useless trivia and great music. She likes her family (at least most of the time :); does not think it's weird to talk to her parents every day (or at least that I do); she is "in touch" with Judaism in some way and wants to have her own unique dynamic Jewish home and family; and is looking for her best friend and more. A good soul with a massive sense of humor :) Of course, must be willing to say we met looking for a chicken in Whole Foods (Kosher Valley free range of course), or better yet, Fairway.

My dating coach friend Rochel told me not to be too detailed in my initial emails with a guy, which is probably what spooked Dr. Chef. So I dashed off a quick note to LNJSNK at 7:30 tonight:

I'm a bottomless well of useless trivia. Even made it to Jeopardy in 2001. Didn't win big, but I had a lot of fun and the crew thought I was real cute. Shabbat shalom, Ayelet

As of 8:23 tonight, he has read it but not yet responded. If he's like the 200 or so other men on Frumster who read an email from me and did not deign to respond, I will join on Sunday with a completely clear conscience. If he responds, I'll put off meeting the millionaires. If we go on a date, I might dispel some of the existential dating despair I'm mired in.
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  1. I still wonder if meeting millionaires might be a scam. But I have another question. Why jump from Frumster to the millionares site? Why not try heterodox or unaffiliated Jews on sites like eHarmony? I've heard some good things about it.

  2. Or even JDate and just go for non-Orthodox guys. You titled the post "giving the Jews one more chance." But if Frumster is the venue for givinbg Jews a chance, it's excluding most Jews.

  3. I like his profile too. Hope he returns your email.

  4. TO: so far no word from LNJSNK.

    Philo: I plan to try eHarmony after my Frumster membership runs out. Jdate, to be honest, has not been productive for me in the past. There are plenty of non-Jews on there, and they seem to be the only ones interested in me.

  5. TO: how was my initial email to LNJSNK?

  6. FWIW, I met by year+ boyfriend on JDate, and I'm Orthodox. I've always felt that it's all a crapshoot, so I was always on all those sites to try and maximize whatever chance I had. What I liked about JDate was the "like" feature, or whatever it's called, where if both parties "liked" each other, then an email was sent to them saying so. It gives the man an easy way to initiate contact.

  7. You should try some of the sites you suggested to me back when: Jewishweek,, Young Israel of Brookline.