Sunday, October 31, 2010

"I don't care if you stay single for another 40 years."

Bijan called me back to harangue me for not wanting to talk and talk and talk on the phone with him.

"Do you know how long you talked to me?" he said. "Thirty-nine minutes. I timed it."

"So why are you calling back?" I asked. And we went round and round again. And he was making me uncomfortable.

"Are you always this stubborn?" he asked. "That's not the way to get married. I don't care if you stay single for another 40 years."

What could I do but hang up the phone again? This time, though, I was fully convinced he doesn't deserve me. Mean as I am, I do not curse people that kind of ayin hara.

Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. This guy is a grade-A creep.

  2. While I would not have recommended hanging up on him in the initial call, and I continue to think "The Rules" are best used as a replacement for toilet tissue, this guy clearly has some serious issues.

    If he calls or emails again, tell him you have no interest in any communications with him. If he continues, don't answer and let the matchmaking site know he is harassing you.

  3. I strongly feel in your situation, online dating is just not recommended, and I think you've proven this numerous times on this blog. Yes, you seem to attract creeps on these sites and you're not attracting the decent ones, for whatever reason. Whether it's your profile, your pics, I have no idea. You need to find a caring shadchan who really FULLY understands your situation and can find you decent men. Online dating is clearly not working for you.

  4. I totally and fully agree with the comments of Anon. @ 2:44AM. It has ran it's course now. It is not even trial and error. It has become error and error. I feel this is depleting your self-esteem. You first need to build your own self confidence. As a a 54year old mother of a daughter... only approx. 8 years younger than you...I also have recommended a caring + reliable shadchan. I also feel that looking TOO HARD is the surest way NOT to find. I discussed some of the ways that are less obvious, in our private chat. You are now putting up with men that are totally beneath you in class and morals. It is time to think of how valuable YOU are as a person. These men are not respectful, nor decent!