Sunday, October 17, 2010

The shirtless-in-pool look? Not if you're over 50.

Ayelet friends people on FB indiscriminately. So when I got a friend request from a guy whose profile picture shows him shirtless in a pool, I accepted. I thought it was a little creepy and gross, since he was obviously over 50, but hey, I'm probably too judgmental, and I didn't say anything. He's commented a few times on my status updates, mainly to say he was as lonely as I am.

Shirtless in Pool (SHiP) posted on my wall today:

read your blog..was interesting...I thought I was nuts...

Charming, SHiP. Although I guess that's a joke. Ayelet can take a joke:

not as crazy as I am ;)

SHiP then posted a request for a photo. I got tired of being nice and nonjudgmental and emailed him:

You're kind of creeping me out...  To be completely honest, I find your profile photo very inappropriate, and I'm not interested in a romantic relationship with you. I'm not showing you a photo.

He blocked me after that. Which is fine. It's just extremely irritating that I can, without any effort, attract any number of pathetic 50something guys I'd rather die alone than sleep with. But that's always been my dating luck. From Neb to JANG to however many other men I found repulsive.

And yes, I joined the millionaire website. I emailed a few of them; we'll see if they respond. I decided to view them as a hobby -- an enjoyable way to spend my spare time, so I'm not sitting home alone obsessing about being alone. My mother thought she needed to warn me not to become "promiscuous" (her word). No worries, Mom. Unless they're giving me serious jewelry, or a car or an apartment, sex is not on the table.
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