Saturday, October 09, 2010

So much for David

My friend Shalva convinced me that we should frequent synagogues that we usually don't attend, and "introduce ourselves" the way "we" did on Simchat Torah. (I say "we" because the two of us walked around together but she did all the introducing.)

During kiddush I spotted David. According to The Rules, I shouldn't have even gone over to say hi. But he's shy, and the room was crowded.

"Hi, David," I said.

"Ayelet!" he said. "How are you? Do you usually daven here?"

"I haven't been here in years," I said.

"Welcome back!"

This sounds promising.

"So are you going to be in Brooklyn for work anytime soon?" I asked. "You know, I still haven't tried that restaurant you mentioned. Should I wait for you or should I try it myself?"

And he got flustered. "Well, I... I mean, I have a meeting, or do I? Wait, maybe it's in... two weeks? But I don't know if it will last through lunch. I mean, it's a breakfast meeting, two, three hours... so... no, you should try it, you should go."

So much for that. Shalva was a little upset. "I can't believe none of these guys are paying attention to us," she said. "I'm so tired of being ignored."

It's hard for me to understand why she's being ignored. She's gorgeous, smart, and nice. But she doesn't have the unfriendly, I'm-better-than-you veneer of so many young women and men in this neighborhood. I don't think we're going back to that shul.

I got home, had lunch, took a nap, and found that two more millionaires had emailed me. See, about a week ago, after seeing tons of advertisements for on Facebook, I decided to join. As a lark. Because of course, why would millionaires want to date me when they could date models?

At first I thought it would be an exercise in self-acceptance, because of course nobody would write to me. Except they did. I've gotten more emails in a week than I do in 6-12 months on Frumster. From guys who are close to my age or younger, and also, um, hottttt. Some of them are seriously hot. And I was almost completely honest about myself. Okay, I said I weigh140, but apparently I look like I weigh about that. I asked Shalva and a few other female friends.

Why do non-Jewish millionaires want to meet me while Jews completely snub me? And would I be better off with one of them than one of my own? Should I give up on children (likely a pipe dream anyway at my age) and marrying a Jewish man, and just look for love and acceptance anywhere? (Beverly Hills. That's where most of them live. A few are in Miami and Dallas, and a few are in New York.)

I'm seriously starting to think about paying to join the site and write back to the 18 millionaires who wrote me. Actually there was a 19th, but he seemed really, really needy, so I deleted his note.
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