Friday, October 29, 2010

What do you think of this one?

I got a "Tova-Flirt":

You just got Tova'd. Honestbijan has sent you a Tova-Flirt. This means the user is interested in you and is checking to see if there's mutual interest. Please view their profile. Either Tova-Flirt back, or send a message if interested.

Who is Honestbijan?

City: burlington, MA
Country: U.S.A.
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Age: 46
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Athletic Build

Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Religion: Conservative
Frequency of Synagogue: Sometimes
Kosher: Always

Children: None
Want Children: Yes

Profession: Buy and sell Diamonds and Antique jewelry
Job Title: Owner
Education: Associates Degree
Salary: Prefer not to say

Relocate: Yes
Biography: Biography

Perfect First Date: Our first date would be full of smile and laughter from both of us and before we meet for the first time we would have spoken over the phone and have decided on a mutual time and a place that we both can get to know one another and enjoy one anothers company. We both also feel as if our date should not stop and we both look forward in our second date.

I'm not inclined to judge his grammar or writing because it's apparent English is not his first language, and I'm sure he speaks English much better than I speak his native language. And I've been yelled at for being an educational snob, even though I stopped talking to men without at least a bachelor's degree because all the ones that contacted me turned out to be managing non-kosher Chinese restaurants, or something like that. And I was tired of constantly defining my terms in ordinary conversation. But again, he's not a native English speaker.

I do not find his picture attractive. But, as I'm constantly being reminded, I'm too picky. And this guy was nice enough to contact me. So I'll respond:

Thanks for contacting me. Can you tell me more about yourself?

He sure could.

I just wanted to thank you for contacting me and it would be my pleasure to get to know you much better .

AS for me i am an honest,respectful,loyal,hard working,very supportive and a fun and sweet gentelman. I have never been married before and i do not have any children and i am looking for that special someone who has been missing in my life.

I was orginaly born in Persia which now called (Iran) and have been residing in the U.S for 30 years and yes if you are still wondering that i am jewish the annswear is a positive yes and i must say that both of my parents from both side are by blood jewish .

Just a few things that i am looking for my future mate are :

First and formost she has to be my best friend,my sweetheart,my love,my wife,my lover and the mother of my
hopefuly future children .

Now if you think that you would like to get to know me a bit more then by all means let me know few things about yourself and just who you are and what you looking for.

P.S : Looking forward in hearing from you soon and hope that you have a great rest of the day .

Warm Regards, Benjamin
Shabbat Shalom

TikunOlam? What should I do??? For some reason I'm kind of scared.
Copyright (c) "Ayelet Survivor"


  1. He sounds like a nice guy. I would keep up the correspondence!

  2. Write back! Tell him about yourself, but review and edit out ANY negativity about anything. If you can't find a positive spin, don't mention it.

    Feeling nervous is a good sign (I think)!

  3. No red flags for me. He has been in the country for a long time. Iranian Jews tend to marry each other and are culturally quite different than your CJ, OJ Ashkenazi crowd. It would be interesting to find out the backstory on that. But I would think that would be a good conversation on the phone or on a date. That, and find out how he feels about highly educated women with careers.

    Nothing to be afraid of. However, if in person after a few dates and getting to really know him attraction doesn't grow, that's something that can't be forced and you shouldn't call that being "too picky."

    Go for it. Looking forward to hearing what comes next.

  4. I'm fascinated that you keep attracting Persian men. Do you have Sephardi blood or are you kind of Sephardi looking?

    I also say go for it. Vermont is always cool, he sounds like a nice guy.