Friday, October 22, 2010

What's out there on OKCupid

I joined OKCupid at the suggestion of a few friends. I'm not impressed so far. This is why:

Exhibit A: Lobsterhunter (yes, that's his screenname)

Self-summary: Hello my name is LH and I 5'9and 1/2" tall and a non religious 46 year old jewish man looking to get remarried and grow old with my new best friend a non smoking non religious jewish gal who is under 40 or a non jewish gal willing to convert and who loves sex as much as I do plus wants to make babies and live the surburbian dream as well! 

I'm really good at: Love making and sports and talking and doing what I say I will do most of the time 

I spend a lot of time thinking about: How I will pay my bills and build a family with no career/job and no lady currently in my life! 

On a typical Friday night I am: On jdate wasting my time! 

No, no, no.

Exhibit B: Kookoo (not his real screenname, but close to it)
The first things people usually notice about me: I look exactly, exactly like Tom Cruise ( without Oprahs couch) or Fabio [note: goes without saying that he doesn't]

The most private thing I'm willing to admit: I'm smarter than you think, in ways most do not understand.
But, still kinky when it counts
And, that I still enjoy Pro wrestling. 

You should message me if: Your loving, funny, progressive, family oriented, a queen, but not a psycho or a bitch. OR if you were able to understand this profile 

And people wonder why I'm still single...
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  1. have you answered any of the question things? When you answer a bunch of the questions (on what you are looking for/your characteristics) you can start searching for people who "Match" you, and they tend to be pretty good..I've had a couple of ex's on there (who I found after we broke up) who had us matched in the 80% match range, and my husband was an 87% match I believe. Creepy weird dudes always tended to fall in like the 30% match range..

  2. I've answered more than 200 questions ;) Lobsterhunter was a 72% match, Kookoo was a 66% match. It's hard to find Jewish guys on OKCupid, and the two that identified themselves as kosher and shomer shabbat have already rejected me. Of course.

  3. I like the word "suburbian."