Monday, October 25, 2010

Where do I go from here?

Saw a reasonably cute guy on Supertova. Sent him a "flirt" and we started a correspondence. For some reason Supertova doesn't store emails chronologically, but I think this is our conversation so far:

MS: Thank you for the flirt. How are you? Hope you are doing great. What part of NY do you live in? How long have you lived there? Looking forward to your reply.

Ayelet:  I live on the Upper West Side -- been here since 1992 (eek!). Did you grow up in California?

MS: Oh how I envy you! You have been in glorious NY for 18 years! I went to NY (as an adult) in 1995 for school (New York College of Podiatric Medicine) and then four more years of residency for a total of eight wonderful years. The first four years were in Manhattan (school in Harlem (eek!) and housing also in Upper West Side and then one year of residency in Park Slope, Brooklyn and then last three years of residency in Staten Island.
It is difficult to determine where I grew up. I left Iran at the tender (LOL) age of 9 and lived with six foster families (four in Brooklyn, NY, two in Atlanta) for a span of two years. Then my mom came to Los Angeles and I was there until I left for NY as I mentioned before.

Drat. He's Persian.

How about yourself? From where did u go to NY in 1992?

A: I moved to NY right after college. Been here ever since ;) What part of LA do you live in?

MS: At first I lived in West Hollywood (or is it Hollyweird) and then it was West Los Angeles. Currently I live in what is known as California's Central Valley in a city known as Merced (or as the local teens call it, Merdead). It is about five hours north of Los Angeles and two and half hours away from San Francisco. There are pretty much no Jews here at all. On weekends that I am not on call I go to synagogue 45 minutes away. Have you ever visited California/West Coast

A: My grandparents used to live in Berkeley, so I've been there a million times, and I've also been to LA. I love California, even if you're in a dismal urban area, you can drive 20 minutes and be in gorgeous nature. Never heard of Merced, though. 

MS: LOL, and that is very normal my dear as I myself had never heard of Merced until I met someone from there. What was/is it from California that you liked?  Over the past five years of being here it has been a double edged sword in that not a lot of Jews here and no Jew wants to come here.  What exactly is a "conservadox?" 

"Conservadox" being what I call myself on these websites these days. 

A: I wasn't happy with any of the "labels" on here. Right now I'm Jewish and somewhat observant. If I go to shul, I like walking there. 

MS: Yeah, that is true, labels are lame. These days everyone makes own their own rules anyways. I consider myself more of an agnostic these days. Ever since being exposed to the theory of evolution in high school I have been confused. I have also become somewhat "evil" in that I am trying to score brownie points with G-d so he can find it in his wisdom to find me a wife. I try to eat kosher whenever I can but do eat chicken and fish that is not kosher. Hence, confused, LOL.

I'm confused too. Being "evil" to score brownie points with Gd? I have no idea if I'm interested in this guy, or if I should be.
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  1. It sounds to me like he meant it is "evil" of him to be eating Kosher, etc. just in order to earn something in exchange from G-d (such as, a wife).
    Sounds like he may be worthy of your attention. At least invest a bit more effort, then re-evaluate.

  2. He sounds intelligent and nice - I say go for it.

    By "evil" I think he means doing the right thing Jewishwise, for the wrong reasons, trying to "bribe" God.

  3. I don't think you have enough information to make a decision, as yet. Keep corresponding.

    I'm not hugely impressed with the overuse of eeek! But that's a silly quibble. Continue the conversation!

  4. Good Gd woman! ALWAYS so much negativity from you! He's openly flirting with you and engaging in smart banter, he has a good job and seems interested in getting to know you better. The "evil" thing was a joke. As another commenter said about a prior post, you need to stop overanalyzing every single line of text and just enjoy the process. You will never find happiness if you nit pick this way.

  5. ayelet you seem like a nice girl but just writing all these details seems like a waste of your good energy. why analyze very single e-mail u get from every single guy. this must be so tiring!!!just go out and meet them and then see if there is anythg to decide about. also, you seem to like people that have serious issues...try to find someone more simple...not perfect but with more pleasant life experiences...someone with positive energy. it seems to be too many details in the intial e-mails with each on line contact. wishing you good luck and much happiness!!

  6. Anonymous--shut up! Ayelet is processing!!