Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ayelet gets a love letter

A dating coach once told me I should have professional pictures taken. After having a makeup artist do my makeup. I maintained that the photo I use as my profile picture is flattering enough. And apparently a man on Supertova agrees:


I wish I knew where to start or what to say after looking at your picture for such a long time. I was going through female profiles as I am a new member of this site when I saw your profile. Words can’t explain how I feel about you just looking at your picture. I know you might have gotten lots of praises already, but the fact cannot be changed that you are indeed a pretty woman. I will be honored to be your friend. That is if you give me the chance to. I am a total gentleman and I know you will find that out for yourself as time goes on.

I will wait for your reply in anticipation. With all my heart, Jasper

I have to say, in my 13 or so years of internet dating, I have never gotten an email like that. Who is Jasper?

City: Baltimore
Height: 6'1" (185 cm)
Age: 45
Marital Status: Widowed
Body Type: Athletic Build
Exercise: Daily
Politics: Prefer not to say
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: Jewish-In Conversion Process
Frequency of Synagogue: Sometimes
Kosher: I just don't eat pork
Willing to make Aliyah?: Yes
Children: Yes, I have 1
Want Children: Yes
Profession: self employed business owner
Education: Bachelors Degree
Salary: Prefer not to say
Relocate: Yes

About Me: I'm a very passionate person who loves to share an intense, deep and meaningful love with my mate. I believe the decisions we make, are a direct result of who we have allowed ourselves to become. While we are influenced by our surroundings, our surroundings don't define who we are today or who we will become in the future. Our choices in how we treat others, who we surround ourselves with, how we react to outside influences, and whether our decisions are based on our core principals or emotional influences will define who we are. I'm in touch with who I am, and what I want in life. I'm looking for a partner who is in touch with who they are and what they want in life as well

Perfect First Date: I'm searching for someone who is strong and secure, a woman who wants a man to share life experiences with. I look forward to sharing my life with someone who isn't afraid to let themselves experience love and affection without putting up walls and shielding their heart. I want to share passsion and intimacy that will keep us young at heart for years to come.

I'm truly flummoxed. Flattered but apprehensive. I know people will say "What's the harm in speaking to him?" but he seems to be trying way too hard, although as a widower, it's possible he hasn't been dating recently and has forgotten how to take things one step at a time. He just reminds me of that Persian guy Bijan. The one who would be "cold as a stone" if I didn't spend hours every week on the phone with him, and who doesn't care if I'm single for the next 40 years. Also, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable being with a man whose knowledge of Judaism is less than mine.

TikunOlam, I could use your help with this one.

Tonight I'm going to a trivia night at a local synagogue. Should see several of my friends, maybe make a few new ones. Gotta go pick out something red to wear.
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  1. I would be concerned about the "in conversion process" part. What does that mean? Why is he converting and how close (or not) is he to being Jewish?

  2. No idea, Gital. I guess I should message him and ask that.

  3. I'm not exactly sure what has led you to believe that he has forgotten how to take things one step at a time. He told you that you are pretty, and then he asked to be friends, if you'll allow it. He mentions taking time to get to know you. That doesn't exactly sound demanding or like he's moving rapidly. He just sounds really nice to me (though the conversion thing is definitely something to check out).

  4. He wrote, "Words can’t explain how I feel about you just looking at your picture." That seems a little scary-intense. But I'll write him and see.

  5. He sounds like he is intense, who knows, maybe in a very good way. He has been married before, not divorced, amy have been in a great marriage and know exactly what he wants and is putting it out there. I don't see a downside in getting to know him. I am really turned off by the lack of human connection that comes as a result of communications via qwery keyboard. You don't have to vet him before a date. Just meet him and see if you guys like each other. I don't see what you have to lose.