Friday, November 05, 2010

A critique from the Jwed COO

A few days ago, Jwed started following me on twitter. I was a little surprised, but since I blog about Jwed and Frumster (which are two dating websites owned by the same company), I guess they're interested in what I have to say about their product. I also got this comment from Igal, their COO, on a recent post:

When you’re ready for something Jewish and something real, join to meet singles who are authentically Jewish and genuinely interested in marriage. 10,000+ actively use JWed and over 1,700 have already gotten married.

Been there, done that. I responded:

I'm already on Jwed. I've been ignored by at least 15 men in the past 2 months. I sent them "icebreakers" or initial contact emails and didn't hear anything back. 

He's not easily deterred:

Thanks for the response. Maybe I can take a look at your profile and give some recommendations? I would love to help. We also have a full-time customer service girl at your service as well.

Why not? I'm already a paying member. So I sent him a link to my profile, and he responded:

You are cute smart and funny. You love family and you are looking for someone that wants the same. You do not mind men that were previously married and have their own kids - in fact, you would love to be a stepmother. This overall is very well written. Now for the critique :)

I would take this part of your profile out: "Seriously, I would love to be a stepmother. I promise I won't be evil, except when I make them a) go to bed, b) brush their teeth, c) eat their vegetables, and d) clean their rooms."

It may scare some men off. They may think we aren’t even dating and she is already thinking of what to order my kids! Remember less is more here.

Additionally, I see your photo has not been updated for a while. Having fresh photos every few weeks can do wonders to a profile. You are a pretty girl no reason not to flaunt it ;)

Finally and most importantly, make sure to send short customized messages. I see you are sending a lot of Icebreakers. Icebreakers are meant to be sent to basic members to see if someone is serious before you take the time and energy to write to them. If you are sending a message to a Premium members sending a customized note will get you a lot further in terms of responses.

Please let me know what happens when you take the above advice. I hope to be invited to your wedding :)

Hm. I took out the section he recommended and replaced it with "I love children, so if you have kids, that's a plus." But more pictures? Updating them every few weeks? I don't take that many pictures of myself, mainly because I don't photograph well. The pictures I've posted are the best pictures I have, and there aren't any recent photos I would want to include. I guess I could switch up some of the old ones I have until I get some more taken.

And no more Icebreakers. Okay, then I had another question for him:

Thanks for the detailed critique. One question: if I already sent someone an "Icebreaker" and got no response, is it worth sending a short message now?

I kind of doubt it. If someone attractive sent me an icebreaker, I'd respond. But Igal thinks differently:

Of course it is. It's never too late :) Tell him you think his profile is good and you think he deserved a custom message :)

Feel free to tweet my comments or write in your blog about it!

No worries, mate; that's a given ;) I guess I will contact the men I sent icebreakers to. And if they still don't respond... well, more grist for the blog, right?
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  1. I agree with YOU @ the pictures. Who changes the pic ALL the time????

  2. Do you think I should email the men who ignored my Icebreakers?

  3. Sounds like this COO wants more 'premium' members, not necessarily what's best for you.

  4. Point taken, Carmen. I'm not going to renew my subscription when it runs out at the end of the month.