Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Don't panic, readers

Yesterday was a bad day, last night was a bad night. Group was difficult to manage since I'm now afraid to rein in disorderly clients, as apparently everything I do in group can be construed as "punitive." My supervisor told me that "more information" is available about a client I had to ask to leave last Thursday's group after he was extremely hostile and inappropriate -- but that we won't discuss it until after Thanksgiving. Something to look forward to with dread and apprehension. I came home miserable and feeling sorry for myself, which is a bad combination.

But I had a good night's sleep (thank you, melatonin and acupressure mat), and I'm muddling on. I woke up to an interesting Frumster email:

Good morning
Your profile is interesting
Would you like to correspond?
Have a nice day!

I was surprised because he's 36, and usually men in their late 30s want to date women in their early 30s (or younger). So I looked at his profile:

Long Island, NY
Single, without children
Shomer Mitzvot
From a religious family
Grew up in: The South
Consider relocation? No
Jewish Education: yeshiva/seminary
Secular Education: Masters Degree
Languages Spoken: English
Political Beliefs: right wing
Occupation: business
Hobbies and Interests: travel

Religious Practice
Frequency of Torah Study: several times weekly
Frequency of Tefilah: daily
Kippa: suede/leather kippa
Tzitzit: always

What Shomer Mitzvot means to me: striving to be the best Jew without labeling yourself or others.

This is how I describe myself: I am thoughtful and caring. I like to help people. People say I am funny and nice to be around. I can be laid back but also serious. I am told that I am thoughtful

This is what I am looking for in a mate: Someone who smiles, has confidence, is looking for a best friend in a mate, caring, sensitive to others needs, kind, understanding, conversationalist, sweet, looking to have a home life in her future family.

He's from the South, so I'll call him the Southern Gentleman (SG). And he sounds like a catch. Caring, thoughtful, responsible, educated, looking for a best friend. I'm intrigued. His photo was password-protected, and I was curious.

Good morning -- your profile is interesting too. I would like to get to know you better. May I have your photo password?

Have a great day, Ayelet

Heard back in 20 minutes:

my pass word is the word password
i actually do enjoy grocery shopping. And i agree with the right person any activity is good. People tell me i have a sense of humor. i like chick flicks
have a nice day

Password "password." Clever! I wouldn't suggest he work in encryption, but adequate for a dating website. Took a look and... SG is cute. Blond hair, blue eyes, great smile. He's 5'5", which I think is perfect.

(Had an interesting conversation with Jerusha on Sunday. She complained that a lot of the guys on dating websites, which she has now joined, are short.

"You're 5 feet tall," I said.

"I know," she said, "I guess I just like tall guys." Her ex is 6'. I suppose I'm lucky; I've always liked short guys. You'd think, being Jewish, that would have given me a significant advantage, but in fact I've ended up dating more tall men than short.)

Also, SG is responding to what I wrote in my profile:

You can enjoy anything -- from the opera to grocery shopping -- when you're with the right person.... Bonus points for men who aren't afraid to admit they don't mind watching chick flicks.

This seems promising. But I don't want to come on too strong. I want him to make the next move. So I kept my reply brief but warm:

Great smile! (and clever password, why didn't I think of that?)

So we have grocery shopping, chick flicks, and a sense of humor in common. That seems like a good start :)

I guess I'll see what happens. I'm supposed to talk tonight to the Supertova guy who's helping me practice patience (I think I'll call him Mr. Spontaneity). So I might have a date Saturday night. If not, I'll hang out with my family. And I'm having coffee Friday morning with SOS.

So it seems I'm attracting interest and starting a fair number conversations with men. I'm not even blogging about all of them. There's a Guatemalen I met on Supertova who's now my Facebook friend; we might meet in January if he's in NYC. Also an Israeli expatriate who wrote to me on Monday, when I had so many blog posts I didn't want to create more. I guess I'll write about him the next time he makes a move.

Why do I have the feeling that despite all these options, nothing will come of any?
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  1. You did have me worried, Ayelet. Glad you are feeling somewhat better. Have a happy Thanksgiving!