Sunday, November 07, 2010

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Got an email this morning from a reasonably attractive someone on OKCupid:

Are you a shy woman??

I've looked at his profile a few times. Is this his way of asking why I haven't contacted him? He doesn't list a religion, so I haven't wanted to start anything. But he asked me a question, no reason not to answer it.

I think so.

Let's see how he responds.

too bad

Not very illuminating.


Because now I'm curious. Not really interested, but curious.

I wanted to write you how attractive you are and tell you what great lips and a smile you have

Okay... this is the second man in a week to mention my "great lips." Should I stop thinking that's an inappropriate compliment?

Thank you :) I'm not too shy to accept a nice compliment.

Where will he take this?

you are welcome

Not very far. Guess I'll leave it at that.
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